BCS is committed to educating both the heart and the mind of the student athlete.

Athletics are a vital part of the Christian educational experience. As teacher/coaches, we believe in educating the whole person through mind, body, heart and spirit. In athletics, we actively integrate faith, learning and character in our students. The BCS athletic program enhances the quality of life in the individual participants, the school culture, and the greater community. It affords students an atmosphere of hard work and discipline, as they explore their own unique God-given gifts.


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The BCS Athletics Office affirms:

  • Academic aspirations of students
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Giving, receiving and rewarding maximum effort
  • Fair opportunities for men and women
  • Encouraging all students to participate in athletic activities as athletes or spectators
  • Appropriate levels of competition for each developmental stage
  • The desire to reach personal and team excellence when measured against ones “best self.” (1 Corinthians 9:24-27)
  • The value of competition inherent in sports


As in other area of Christian life, athletics tests our perspective. Contrary to the attitude of the culture around us, we affirm that our athletes should participate in a manner that enriches living, highlights sportsmanship, builds fellowship and shares God-given gifts. BCS will continually work to maintain a balanced perspective, ensuring that the competition inherent in sports complements all of a student’s education. As representatives of Jesus Christ and BCS, each person involved in athletics will approach competition with the values of honesty, fairness, respect and humility, realizing that it is a privilege and honor to be a representative of Jesus Christ.

Athletics Goals