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Tuition and Fees

Please note that the provided numbers do not account for tuition in scenarios involving monthly installment payment options, summer or mid-year enrollment, late payment, NSF return, outstanding balance policy, or situations related to withdrawal, tuition responsibility, or refunds.

For further details regarding these policies and their impact on you, please reach out to Student Billing for more information.


Affordable and
Attainable Opportunity

We strive to ensure that all eligible students who align with our mission have the opportunity to attend BCS. We understand that the financial commitment can pose challenges for many families. We offer tuition assistance based on demonstrated financial need for grades K-12.


million dollars in tuition assistance each year


of our families benefit from tuition assistance

Determine Your Eligibility
Your Eligibility

Your Eligibility

At BCS, we engage an independent, third-party assessor called School and Student Services to assess and determine tuition awards. 

SSS Code: 1552

Additional Assistance:

BCS provides need-based tuition assistance as opposed to merit-based scholarships. Consequently, no awards are made solely on the basis of academic, athletic, or artistic ability. However, thanks to the generosity of the BCS community, we are pleased to offer additional tuition assistance to families qualifying for aid in honor of cherished individuals.

Mark your calendars: The application deadline for scholarships is 3pm on April 15. Families are required to apply for assistance scholarships on a yearly basis, as they are not automatically renewed. While students have the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships, each qualifying student will receive only one award. For more details, please reach out to Kay Westburg.

Payments: Flywire

BCS offers Flywire for processing payments from non-US based bank accounts.

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