Welcome to The Junior High

The Junior High at Bellevue Christian is an amazing place where diverse students build self-confidence, enhance critical thinking and creative problem solving skills, grow in their relationship to God, collaborate with teachers who love them, and continue to discover and practice their unique talents.

Our school is also fun and Junior High students look forward to coming here each day.

From interactive classrooms, to daily lunch in The Commons with friends, to extracurriculars like Drama or Choral or Video Production or Prayer Groups or no-cuts Athletics teams, ours is a truly dynamic environment. Welcome!

How We Are Different

Too often, school is reduced to a test score. But there is so much more going on inside your child’s heart and mind.

While we want your son or daughter to shine inside the classroom as a student, we also want them to thrive outside of it as a human being. To achieve that, we dedicate ourselves to teaching The Whole Student.

Spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically, we develop how God has made your child. This is a profound distinction and one that influences everything we do in Junior High, from the very design of our curriculum, to the sourcing and evaluation of our expert teachers.

Blake DeYoung
Junior High-High School Principal

Mike Olson
Junior High Assistant Principal