Preparing Young Hearts
and Minds

Two Elementary Campuses,
Medina and Woodinville

Grades K-6


Building a Foundation

Elementary students are building a foundation of Biblical teaching, math, science, social studies, and English. Our expert teachers differentiate instruction to meet each student’s unique learning needs. Right-sized classes and the presence of Educational Assistants (EAs) ensures each student receives attention and care.

Care and Attention

Each elementary classroom has an additional Educational Assistant (EA) tasked with supporting classroom instruction and ensuring campus safety.

Critical Thinking and Skill Development

Academic preparation happens in engaging lessons with classroom teachers and five on-campus specialists in music, art, technology, library, and physical education. Advanced math is offered to students in third grade and above.

Discipleship Focus

Students attend weekly chapel, practice prayer, and memorize the Bible. Our Teaching for Transformation framework grounds academic exploration in our love for God.

Social and Emotional Learning

Our learning goals for each child include practicing Christian character and developing emotional awareness.



At BCS, we begin teaching cursive in 2nd grade. There are strong evidence-based benefits of this practice, including developing cognitive skills, motor coordination, and creative expression.
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