Learning Animated
by Faith in Christ

Our Commitment
To Scholarship

Faith-filled Learning

The framework for teaching and learning at BCS is called Teaching for Transformation (TfT). TfT is rooted in a transformational Christian worldview that invites students to discover and actively participate in God’s story. TfT connects our academic learning with our Christian faith. One TfT practice is called Throughlines.

Throughlines incorporate not only “what” the student needs to know, but also “who” the student is called to be. TfT calls us to see each academic discipline as a lens through which we can understand God’s character and ourselves more clearly. Internalized, this framework gives purpose and meaning to each class at BCS.

Offering Challenge and Support

Bellevue Christian School teachers differentiate instruction to meet the unique learning needs of each student. In elementary school, differentiation happens both inside the classroom and with the offering of advanced math. In our Upper School, we see differentiation in the many AP classes that are offered and within our Student Academic Services Program (SAS) which supports students with learning challenges.


Personal attention


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Our Commitment To Relationship
Our Commitment To Relationship

Our Commitment
To Relationship

Accessible Expert Counselors

Each elementary school has a dedicated, full-time counselor who teaches classroom lessons that propel social and emotional learning and is available to meet the immediate needs of students. We have three full-time counselors in the Upper School, one of which is dedicated full-time to college preparation and guidance. Upper School counselors teach Character Strong, our social and emotional curriculum and are available to meet immediate student needs. Our college counselor uses Naviance, the college guidance management system.

Intentional Bonding Experiences

Our learning curriculum includes retreats, experiences, projects, and trips in both elementary and Upper School that foster deep friendships. As an example, this year, our Upper School is offering trips to Paris and Washington D.C.

Our Commitment
To Discipleship

Bible Study is Academic and Devotional

At BCS, Bible is considered an essential academic subject. Our elementary school students build a broad foundation of Bible knowledge. In junior high, students dive deep into Old and New Testament. In high school, the Bible class sequence is: Philosophy of Education, Ethics, Relationships, and Apologetics.

Once a week, both elementary and Upper School students gather together for chapel, which includes worship and a message from our on-campus chapel team.

Our Commitment To Discipleship
Our Commitment To Discipleship