Alumnus & ER doctor on the front lines of COVID-19

Amy Bruce

As an emergency room physician, Dr. Erik Axene (1993) is witnessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic first-hand. He is guiding his team through the unknown, relying on medical knowledge as well as God-given wisdom.

In 1980, Axene started attending Bellevue Christian School at Three Points Campus. In junior high, he developed a passion for science. He remembers being personally impacted by many of his teachers, including Mr. Wiley, who taught 8th grade science. Mr. Wiley inspired Axene as a student and from that year on, his attitude toward school changed completely.

After graduating from Bellevue Christian, Axene went Azusa Pacific University where he studied biochemistry, played football and ran track. While there, he met Deborah Colello and the couple married in 2000. They now live in Texas with their two children, Ben and Emily.

After graduating, Axene took a break from the pre-med track and worked as a waterskiing instructor. He also took a job as a science teacher, eventually becoming a vice principal in the Temple City Unified School District. From there, Axene worked in healthcare consulting before starting medical school at Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

Today, Axene is an Emergency Room Physician at the Medical City Hospital, located in McKinney, Texas. He also works for the NFL as an airway management physician for the Dallas Cowboys, in addition to serving as a medical director for many cities in the Texas area.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Axene says his unit has had their share of cases, but their numbers have been going down. Recently, their hospital has deployed doctors and nurses to support medical units on the East Coast, who are continually working to keep the virus at bay.

Axene’s hope is that Christ would be glorified in everything he does, whether that is treating patients, caring for his family or serving the community. In responding to the pandemic, he sees an opportunity to be a beacon of light in a time of great darkness.

“It’s easier to walk in Christ’s likeness when times are easy. But when challenges arise, we have an opportunity to powerfully proclaim His name and share His love and healing.”

Dr. Axene was recently featured on a Focus on the Family segment which you can access here.