Tuition Assistance

Our school community provides more than $1 million in tuition assistance each year. Nearly 15% of our families benefit from some level of assistance.

Tuition Assistance Process FAQs

The most helpful guideline in deciding to apply comes from your knowledge of your family’s finances. Each family’s financial circumstances are unique and a number of factors are considered in calculating tuition assistance. Without a completed tuition assistance application, it is difficult to determine in advance with certainty who might receive tuition assistance -- or how much would be awarded. Whether applying for assistance or not, many families with students in private school find that to pay tuition, they need to consider their financial habits and choices, and make lifestyle adjustments as needed. 

If you have specific questions about tuition or tuition assistance, please contact Kay Westburg in the BCS Finance Office.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Step 1: Click to enter the School & Student Services portal:
Step 2: Log in to Your Account

New? Create an Account. Bellevue Christian’s SSS Code is 1552.

Returning? If you already have an account, log in. Use the "reset password" option if necessary. 

Step 3: Complete and Return the Supplemental Application

Enter your data and pay your application fee.

Step 4: Upload Your Supporting Documents

The following documents are required (tips for uploading documents):

  • 2023 complete tax returns (include all schedules)
  • 2023 W2s (please note: each W2 must be uploaded separately)
  • 2023 1099s for income such as non-W2 work, interest income, etc.
  • 2022 complete tax returns (include all schedules)

Under the ‘additional documents’ section, please upload (if applicable):

  • 2023 complete Business Tax Returns and K-1s
  • 2022 complete Business Tax Returns and K-1s 

If separated or divorced, please scan and submit the Parenting Plan and Order of Support directly to the BCS Tuition Assistance office.

Please note that once your documents have been uploaded to SSS, you may be requested by either SSS or Bellevue Christian to upload additional documents.