Affording BCS

Tuition & Value

Because of your investment, Bellevue Christian students are finding their gifts in our classrooms, advancing to some of the best colleges across the country, crisscrossing industries, and leapfrogging continents.

Because of your investment, they are becoming award-winning illustrators in London; brilliant oral surgeons in Seattle; insightful writers in Rome; daring pioneers in Alaska; and everyday moms and dads in our neighborhoods.

Because of your investment, our alumni are living and leading with purpose, transforming the world.

Bellevue Christian recruits and trains the best faculty and staff, applying new thinking and evidence-based practices in teaching and learning, and continually improves its resources and facilities for each of its students, including your own.

Tuition Information

Our school community provides more than one million dollars in tuition assistance each year. While this assistance is subject to the availability of funds, nearly 15% of our families benefit from some level of assistance. Apply today by clicking the blue box to the right. Learn more about scholarships may be available for your child as well.