A Day in the Life

Encouraging Kindness

Inspiring Spaces

Collaborative Learning

Full day, AM and PM classes

When planning our curriculum, teachers look for themes and activities that will encourage children to be actively engaged in the learning process. We choose curriculum themes that are meaningful and relevant to young children. Our daily schedule provides time for children to have extended periods of time for actively exploring the environment as well as time for learning routine and social skills that are important to continued school success.

A sample daily schedule for a 3-hour preschool class: 

8:30–10am  Arrival, greetings and choice time-this might include art, blocks, dramatic play, sensory play and table activities that teacher choose to support thematic, social and cognitive learning and skill development

10-10:25am   Clean-up and circle time-singing, books, Bible stories, learning to listen and communicate ideas with others

10:25–11:10am   Recess, prayer, snack

11:10-11:25am   Table activities for small group work, closing

11:30am  Dismissal