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“What you believe determines the kinds of questions you can ask,” said the American philosopher Susanne Langer, “and the kinds of questions you ask determine the kinds of answers you can get.” Belief is more fundamental than opinion. Opinion, conclusion, interpretation, and evaluation are all built on a bedrock of belief about the nature of the world and of human life.

At Bellevue Christian School, our vision for Christian schooling encompasses a worldview that answers the great questions of life. We believe this worldview is foundational to any educational program and addresses the following questions: “who are we?”, “where are we?”, “what is wrong?”, and “what is the remedy?” BCS students are learning to think through life by answering these questions from a biblical worldview’s perspective of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

Paul urges us to be transformed by having our minds renewed in Christ (Romans 12:2). That must begin with our most fundamental views about the world and our place in it. We and our students need to be challenged to develop a Christian worldview. Therefore we ask the question behind all other questions. Whatever opinion or conclusion we may express, we must ask, “Was my thinking about this shaped by biblical concepts of the world and of human life?”

Our goal of Christian schooling is responsive discipleship, evidenced in eliciting students’ gifts, sharing our joys and sorrows, and seeking shalom. Each student’s individual giftedness is honored as a valuable contribution to the classroom and the Bellevue Christian School community.

The end result of an academic program shaped by this philosophy are young people who leave Bellevue Christian prepared to live out our mission of living faithfully for God in a rapidly changing world with the ability to understand, evaluate, and transform their world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values.

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Each student’s individual giftedness is honored as a valuable contribution to the classroom and the Bellevue Christian School community. 

Commitment to the Whole Child

Curriculum for all classes involves teaching children how to think with the goal of developing independent, self directed learners capable of asking questions essential to the development of higher levels of thought processing. Central to all learning is the development of a Christian perspective that encourages each student to pursue a distinctive life path. Creative and critical thinking skills are developed not simply for the purpose of gaining knowledge but to challenge students to apply their gifts and abilities for a lifetime of learning and service to Jesus Christ.