Junior High

Grades 7- 8: The junior high years are unpredictable, fun, and full of lessons.

We truly believe that junior high wasn't intended to simply be endured. It should be a safe, fun place where kids can open up, share, learn and start to discover their identity in the Lord. We have small class sizes to meet every teen's academic level. We have a no-cut athletic policy in 7th and 8th grades. We have social and hobby-specific clubs. At Bellevue Christian, our teachers desire to truly know your child and how they’re wired. We provide a myriad of opportunities to engage in technology, athletics, and the arts. Staff and faculty are deeply committed to teaching kids HOW to think, not what to think.

Our goal at Bellevue Christian is to walk alongside you and your student as they start to navigate life as a teenager, with complex feelings, relationships and challenges.

Adam Hart

Adam Hart

Principal, Junior-Senior High
Mike Olson

Mike Olson

Assistant Principal, Junior High

Junior High Experiences


Junior High Retreat happens near the start of the school year. In 2019 the entire 7th and 8th grade classes spent the day at Camp Gilead in Carnation. The event is designed to be a day of class unity and fun. Each year students leave school to go off site to a state park or other location to play games, enjoy a meal together and connect as a class.

State Trip

This memorable trip started in the 1980's by a BCS teacher, State Trip is a week-long, student-planned trip to six regions in our state. Students visit historical and geographical sites; tour businesses, visit tribal centers, universities, state and national parks, and volunteer with food banks and other agencies to do service projects. On the trip, students stay at churches or schools. They learn valuable life lessons working alongside classmates. Many alumni say State Trip was a turning point in connecting with their class & forging life-long friendships.


At Bellevue Christian, we call what are commonly referred to as “electives,” exploratories. They are designed to give students the opportunity to experiment and explore with a subject outside of traditional classes that could spark a lifelong interest. They include student council (leadership), technology, band, choir, robotics, fitness, foods, woodshop, Spanish and French.

Award winners

The Rising Tide Award

Our Junior High Rising Tide awards involve 7th and 8th grade students nominating their peers for actions and influence in the areas of kindness, service, and impact. Here are a few of the responses from the 2019-2020 school year:

  • “She was the one who came up with the idea to combine the tables together, to make sure no one was left out.”
  • “He contributes to the BCS community so much. When we need to set up for lunch, I always see him helping till everything is done.”
  • “She has shown a LOT of kindness to me ever since the beginning of the year. At the beginning of the year I felt really scared and alone, but she welcomed me into her group of friends. You can clearly tell that the love of Jesus lives inside of her.”

Congratulations students! We look forward to seeing how God moves in and through your lives in your journey at Bellevue Christian!