Mack Planned Absence

Planned Absence Form


Before you begin, be sure you have reviewed the Attendance section of the Elementary Handbook.

Multiple children? Please complete one form per child who will be absent.

Once submitted, this form will be sent for consideration to the teacher indicated and to the school's front office. We do our best to reply within 3 school days but ask for flexibility and grace.

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Start Date of Absencerequired
The first day of school that your student will miss (Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format)
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Reason for Absencerequired
I understand that my child will be missing educational opportunities, lessons, and activities that cannot be recreated or made up by merely completing homework assignments that would accompany those opportunities. I understand that this absence may impact my child’s overall potential for learning in a particular topic area or skill. I understand and accept the expectation that any assignments that are given prior to my child’s absence should be completed and returned on my child’s first day back at school. I will support and aid my child appropriately by ensuring the completion of his/her work. I understand that the teacher may have additional missed homework for my child to complete upon his/her return. I understand that my child’s teacher and/or principal may have reservations about this absence and may make written comments or request a conference regarding this or future planned absences.​
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