Welcome to Elementary at BCS!

The transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten, and then from Kindergarten to First Grade are seismic in a child’s development. Our team of faculty and staff is privileged to get to partner with your family through both.

We're continually working to enhance our comprehensive curriculum, maintain high standards inside and outside the classroom, and target clear learning objectives. We want every parent to understand that we will love your child, seek to know them as human beings and learners, and we will see them as purposed to be here at Bellevue Christian.

God has brought us together and we are grateful for this opportunity to help you bring out the very best in your son or daughter.

Kindergarten-6th Grade

The elementary years are exciting and dynamic in your student’s journey at Bellevue Christian. Kindergarten students may be spending time away from their parents for the first time, attending school for a full-day. For other children, the school year may be a new phase of elementary school as they dive into academic content. Kindergarten through 4th grade students are acquiring a foundation of Biblical teaching, math, science, social studies and English. Fifth and 6th grade students are building on that foundation, focusing on critical thinking and analysis, as well as working on organizational skills that will prepare them well for Junior High. We take advantage of field trips to expand student learning, and 5th grade students spend four days at Islandwood on Bainbridge Island to experience hands-on Outdoor Education.

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes enable students to get the one on one help they need to be challenged and supported in academics. They also empower teachers to meet each student where they are at, which benefits the student and class as a whole.

Accelerated & Advanced Math

Students have the opportunity to work at a pace and skill level that is aligned with their grade, accelerated and advanced beyond their respective grade level.

Chapel & Bible Curriculum

Students attend weekly chapel for worship, singing, a Biblical message or lesson, an opportunity to tithe to a local organization and gather as a body of Christ. In addition, classes study Biblical text each week to learn how to process information and experiences through a Christian worldview across all subjects.

Art & Music

Another aspect that sets us apart, is our K-6 students have numerous opportunities in a dedicated weekly Art class, through music class, and in later grades, choir and band practices during the school day. These early experiences in choir result in a high number of our students participating in junior high and high school band and choir, nurturing a special sense of community from the elementary years onward.