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The elementary years are an exciting and dynamic time in your student’s journey at Bellevue Christian. Younger students are building a foundation of Biblical teaching, math, science, social studies and English. As student’s progress through elementary, they continue to build on that foundation, expanding to critical thinking and analysis, as well as working on organizational skills to prepare for Junior High.

We want every parent to understand that we will love your child,
seek to know them as human beings and learners, and
we will see them as purposed to be here at Bellevue Christian.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

Principal & Preschool Director, Mack
Vicki Britton

Vicki Britton

Principal, Three Points

Program Distinctives

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes not only enable students to get the one-on-one help they need to be challenged and supported in academics, but also empowers teachers
to address each student’s specific needs and abilities.

Accelerated & Advanced Math

Students have the opportunity to work at a pace and skill level that is aligned with their ability, including accelerated and advanced beyond their respective
grade level when appropriate.

Chapel & Bible Curriculum

Students attend weekly chapel for worship, singing, a Biblical message or lesson, an opportunity to tithe to a local organization, and to gather as a body of Christ. In addition, classes study the Bible each week to learn how to live Christianly and to think through a Christian worldview across all subjects.

Art & Music

Our elementary students have numerous opportunities during the school day to explore the arts in a dedicated weekly art class, through music class, and in later grades, choir and band practices. These experiences expand a student’s appreciation for beauty, order and God’s creative genius.

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