Unfortunately, we are canceling our Summer Day Camp and Clubs planned for the Summer of 2020 due to uncertainty around COVID-19 and safety concerns for students and staff. We hope to bring back a wide variety of clubs and day camp in Summer 2021. Thank you for your support!



Option #1

Summer Day Camp: Students entering grades K-6 spend the day doing fun activities like swimming, art, games, sports & more.
When: June 15-July 31, M-F, 7am-6pm
Three Points Campus, Medina

*All BCS and Non-BCS students are welcome for full-day camp & clubs!

Option #2

Summer Clubs: Students entering grades K-8 can have a blast coding, doing cheer, cooking with friends, learning judo and more!
When: June 15-July 31, M-F, hours vary
Where: All three BCS campuses–Mack Campus, Woodinville, Three Points Campus, Medina and our Clyde Hill Campus near Downtown Bellevue

BCS Summer Day Camp

June 15-July 31

M-F, 7am-6pm


Come have a summer full of fun and adventure at BCS!

We appreciate the trust you have bestowed upon the staff here at Bellevue Christian in providing your child with a warm, fun, Christian-oriented atmosphere.

Hours of Operation: The office will open for check in at 7am. Campers must be signed in by a parent/guardian. All children must be picked up by 6pm.

Locations: Three Points Campus, 7800 NE 28th St. Medina, WA 98033

Application: A completed application and forms are required before a camper can join activities. Register at the link above.

Cost: The cost per day is $50 per camper. This cost is the same no matter how many hours the camper is present. Parents may purchase weeks at a time or daily.

Sign in/Out Procedure: When dropping off or picking up a child, a parent/guardian PIN will be required for Kinderlime. This PIN will clock the time in and out for your child. The parent/guardian will then need to walk the child from the office to the location of that child’s age group which will vary depending on the time of day. When departing, please sign out at the front office first before retrieving your child.

7amDoors Open
Free Play in the MPR/ quiet room with board games, coloring books, etc. in the Adv Math room.
8amDivide into age groups for staff organized games throughout campus
9amShort video or story time
9:45amSnack time (provided by BCS)
10amAge group activities outdoors (park or playground)
12:15amCampus clean up from lunch/ get ready for field trips and afternoon activities
12:30pmAfternoon activities according to age group and gender. This time will consist of organized PE type games, art, field trips, and swimming depending upon the day of the week. Students not on swimming or field trips will rotate through various activities during this time.
12:15pmDepart for swimming
2:45-3pmSwimmers return to campus
3pmSnack time provided by BCS and story time in the grass
3:45pmSnack bar opens for goodies
4pmQuiet time for movie in MPR. Students are all in a central location to assist with checkout and departure.
5:30pmLight cleanup after movie
Free play until closing

Lunches/Snacks: We will serve hot lunch through the snack bar in the gym. Campers may choose from the daily menu or bring their own lunches. We will provide two snacks free of charge to all campers at 9:45 am and at 3pm. We will also have a snack bar in operation from 3:45 to 4:15 in case your child desires an additional snack.

The lunch & snack menus are as follows:

DayLunch ItemPrice
MondayHot dog$2
TuesdayChicken Fingers$2
WednesdayCorn Dog$2
ThursdayMac & Cheese$2

All meals come with a fruit cup or chips.

Snack ItemCost
Ramen Noodles$1
PB & J$2

**Campers pay for lunch and snacks with cash.

Dress code: Children should dress appropriately to participate in a variety of activities. Please help us keep kids safe by ensuring your child wears a tennis shoe or sneaker to camp. Please refrain from sending your camper in sandals, flip flops, or any other kind of open-toed shoes.

Age Groups: Campers are divided into two groups for game times and field trips. The younger kids range from K-2nd grade while the older kids range from 3rd to 6th grade. Campers will need to stay with their designated group.

Field Trips: Campers will alternate taking field trips by age group to various fun sites around the city. A complete list of field trips will be released prior to the start of camp. All admission costs and transportation are covered by your paid tuition.

What to bring: Water bottles, sunblock/swim gear for selected swim days, snacks, hats, and lunch/money. Camp is a toy-free, device-free experience. Please help us ensure camp goes smoothly by leaving toys and devices at home.

Sick Campers: Please do not send your child to camp if he or she is unwell. All campers must always be healthy enough to participate in all activities. If your child becomes ill during the day, we will call a parent and they will need to come pick up the camper.

Age Groups: As was previously mentioned, kids are divided up into groups ranging from K-2nd and 3rd to 6th. Campers will need to stay with their age groups throughout the day and may not opt out of group activities or field trips unless an early departure from camp is necessary. At that point, the child will need to be picked up from camp prior to the departure for the field trip.

Employees: All employees at Bellevue Christian Summer Day Camp have completed successful background checks. Day camp workers include BCS teachers, substitutes, aides, former students, and current students.

Billing: Please ensure your tuition payments are up to date. A camper will not be allowed to attend camp if there is an overdue balance.

Camp Guidelines

Please only bring your child to camp if they are well. We want everyone to have a fun and safe time with us. Campers must be well enough to participate in all camp activities.

Generally, common sense should guide all behavior. We ask that all campers refrain from the following behavior at BCS Summer Camp. These may be grounds for a camper to be removed from the program:

  1. Throwing trash on the grounds or in the buildings
  2. Use of profane language or lying
  3. Disrespect toward or refusal to obey a staff person or administrator
  4. Smoking, chewing tobacco, use of alcohol or drugs
  5. Fighting, rough play or possession of a knife, club, stick or any such instrument
  6. Flammable materials such as matches and lighters
  7. Destruction of property (at BCS or others property)

What to wear:

  1. Footwear: Athletic type shoes with socks. (No sandals or flip-flops except at the swimming pool) NO roller shoes (Heelies)
  2. Clothing: t-shirts, collared shirts, hemmed shorts, and long pants such as jeans or warm-up pants are appropriate for camp.
  3. Swim wear: swimsuits must fit modestly. Bring flip flops type footwear and a towel for the pool. Eye protection is encouraged.

Miscellaneous items to bring to camp:

  1. Bottled water
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Extra snacks
  4. Lunch or money to purchase lunch from the snack bar (staff will not store money for campers)
  5. NO TOYS OR DEVICES PLEASE. If you need to reach staff or your child, you may call Extended Day / Summer Coordinator Kelsey Curtis at (425) 200-8102. If we do not answer, we will return your call shortly

Field Trips:

  1. Field trips will be posted on a weekly basis.
  2. Children may not opt out of field trips unless they are leaving for the day.

Questions & Concerns: Extended Day/Summer Coordinator Kelsey Curtis – Kelsey.curtis@bellevuechristian.org

BCS Summer Clubs

Interested in trying something new or practicing something you love? Come enjoy our summer clubs! From athletics to science, there’s something for everyone!

Coding Club

Young Whiz uses established brand LEGO® bricks that are naturally engaging to students at an elementary school level. The idea of using LEGO® bricks in an active, fun, and hands on learning environment boosts motivation, inspires natural desire to learn, explore, and discover on their own. Students will learn subjects like science, math, engineering, and technology. Working with bricks, children will be able to bring abstract concepts to life that they can touch, describe and innovate upon. Along with boosting self guided learning and creativity, our program will help to improve and overcome challenges, collaboration and, communication in a group and one on one setting.

Dates and Times


June 15-18 9am-11am Three Points and Mack


June 15-18 12-2pm Three Points and Mack


June 15-18 3pm-5pm Three Points and Mack

Cheer Club

Come learn the basic of cheer and get to know our BCS cheerleaders! This camp will work on skills, communication and teamwork.

Dates and Times


June 22-25 10-12 high school gym
June 22-25 1-3 high school gym

Cooking Club

Does your child LOVE to cook? Our summer program is designed to create food literacy through hands-on cooking classes that teach food origins, seasonal recipes, cooking techniques and kitchen safety while having hands-on fun! Each week brings new lessons and recipes. Space is limited, so register early!

Dates and Times

1st-3rd Grade

June 15-18 9am-12 Mack
July 13-16 9am-12 Mack
July 20-23 9am-12 Three Points

4th-6th Grade

June 15-18 2pm-5pm Mack
July 13-16 2pm-5pm Mack
July 20-23 2pm-5pm Three Points

Judo Club

Judo was founded in 1882 in Japan, and is it an Olympic Sport, since 1964. It teaches self esteem, discipline, the gentle way. You learn how to fall, throw, and hold downs. Sensei Harold Yamada, holds a rank of 5th dan black belt. Currently USA Judo certification: National Judo Coach, Safe Sport, Concussion Certification. International Judo Continental Referee. He has been practicing Judo for 55 years. He has been teaching Judo for 40 years.

Dates and Times

K-3rd Grade

June 15-18 10am-12 high school gym
July 13-16 10am-12 high school gym

4th-8th Grade

June 15-18 1pm-3pm high school gym
July 13-16 1pm-3pm high school gym

Game Development Club

Code and design fun intriguing games with scratch! In this coding adventure, aspiring young innovators get hands on experience to create fun animated games and stories while learning key essential programming concepts with SCRATCH. This award-winning programming platform that was developed by MIT sets a solid foundation for computational thinking all while being creative individually and in collaborative groups. There is no previous coding experience or knowledge required. Add sounds, text, buttons, animations and more to help tell a story. Your child will have fun and start a journey into learning 21st century skills of coding and technology.

Dates and Times

2nd-3rd Grade

June 22-25 9am-11am Mack Elementary
July 20-23 9am-11am Three Points Elementary

4th-6th Grade

June 22-25 noon-2pm Mack Elementary
July 20-23 noon-2pm Three Points Elementary

Virtual Reality Club

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Research has shown that virtual and augmented reality simulations increase student motivation and improve knowledge construction. In this course, we use VR head sets to learn about a variety of different science topics. Our VR program follows the STEAM approach and inspires students to discover, imagine, and visualize the different topics of the week. Children stay engaged, collaborate, and have fun while learning and being creative.

Dates and Times

2nd-3rd Grade

June 22-25 9am-11am Three Points Elementary

4th-6th Grade

June 22-25 noon-2pm Three Points Elementary

Basketball Club

Come join the BCS girls basketball team in an exciting basketball camp! Campers will learn the basics as well as get to compete against each other. The camp will be coached by our very own Mark DeJonge, who is our Varsity girl’s basketball head coach.

Dates and Times

K-3rd Grade (Boys and Girls)

June 22-25 10am-noon high school gym

4th-8th Grade (Girls)

June 22-25 1pm-3pm high school gym

Music Production for Kids

In this exciting hands on class, students will dive into the basics of music-making the fun way! Using state of the art music production equipment and a digital audio workstation on the computer, these young music producers learn the art of songwriting with their own private in-school digital recording studios – using real instruments & hundreds of software instruments available in just a few clicks!

Dates and Times

K-3rd Grade

June 29-July 2 10am-noon Mack Elementary
August 10-13 10am-noon Three Points Elementary

4th-6th Grade

June 29-July 2 1pm-3pm Mack Elementary
August 10-13 1pm-3pm Three Points Elementary

Robotics Club

The LEGO® EV3 gives you the power to create and command your own robotic LEGO® creatures, vehicles, machines and inventions! By combining LEGO® elements with a programmable brick, motors and sensors, you can make your creations walk, talk, grab, think, shoot and do almost anything you can imagine! YoungWhiz has great enthusiastic teachers that absolutely love robotics! YoungWhiz will help become a robotic expert when it comes to the EV3! From creating the popular EV3RSTORM to the TRACKER, the possibilities are endless!

Dates and Times

2nd-3rd Grade

June 29-July 2 9am-11am Three Points Elementary
July 20-23 9am-11am Mack Elementary

4th-6th Grade

June 29-July 2 noon-2pm Three Points Elementary
July 20-23 noon-2pm Mack Elementary


Starting in preschool, children are learning the fundamentals needed for the rest of their lives. Our program emphasizes educational experiences through creative hands on play, which helps children make sense of the world around them. Our professional teachers use group and one on one instruction to build essential skills and create life long learners. Using LEGO and LEGO DUPLO blocks along with our teacher resources, we create a fun learning environment where children can be themselves and reach their highest potential. Each child will leave at the end of class wanting more!
Our classes offer age appropriate material to keep children engaged and entertained. Each child will learn their personal style and improve creativity. We will cover a wide range of different art forms and use a variety or art techniques. Each lesson is designed to incorporate art vocabulary and art history.

Dates and Times


July 6-9 9am-11am Three Points Elementary
July 27-30th 9am-11am Mack Elementary

1st-3rd Grade

July 6-9 noon-2pm Three Points Elementary
July 27-30th noon-2pm Mack Elementary

Drama Kids Club

Drama Rocks! Our program is designed for all ages and experience levels and include a variety of stimulating dramatic lessons perfectly suited for most elementary school children. Students receive individual instruction customized for their own particular requirements and abilities. Students will participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, snippets and scene starters. In a fun-filled atmosphere, our classes aim to give young people ongoing confidence, self-esteem and skill in verbal communication.

Dates and Times

K-2nd Grade

July 13-16 9am-11am Three Points Campus
July 27-30 9am-11am Mack Elementary

3rd-6th Grade

July 13-16 noon-2pm Three Points Campus
July 27-30 noon-2pm Mack Elementary

Mechanics and Circuitry Club

Young Whiz is excited to offer basic mechanics and circuitry to our students. Using LED circuit cubes, battery cubes, motors, and different parts, children build a variety of different items, from monster robots to flashlights. This fun and engaging enrichment program gives students the chance to be educated in fun STEM concepts, while improving their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Dates and Times

K-2nd Grade

July 27-30 9am-11am Three Points Elementary

4th-6th Grade

July 27-30 noon-2pm Three Points Elementary

All clubs are subject to change or cancellation if the minimum number of students is not met or if the teacher/facilitator is not available. Thank you for your understanding.