College Athletes

Bellevue Christian has many Student-Athletes go on to compete at their chosen college or university. Our athletics program helps students develop the character and competitive intensity they need to compete at the college level. 


Jessica Barnard (Cheer, University of Washington), Claire Burianek (Cheer, Western Colorado University), Cora Ter Kuile (Volleyball, San Jose State University) 


 Molly Olson (Track & Field, Azusa Pacific University), Cassaday Porter (Cheer, University of Washington), Ken West (Basketball, Azusa Pacific University), Aliya Chin (Cheer, George Fox University), Katherine Pippel (Softball, University of Montana), Michael Hopkins (Basketball, University of Washington), Mark Postma (Sprint Football, United States Naval Academy), Jeff Jewett (Baseball, Taylor University), Yuki Saburi (Rowing, Western Washington University), Molly Vandenbrink (Basketball, Colorado Christian University) 


Ken West (Basketball, Azusa Pacific University), Jakob Bengelink (Track & Field, Calvin College), Sophia Chaffey (Rowing, University of Washington), Jared Donnel (XC, Biola University) 


Rachel Berg (Basketball, Seattle Pacific University), Jillian Chellis (Rowing, University of California, Los Angeles), Becca Jewett (Softball, Azusa Pacific University), Julia Gottlieb (Soccer, East Carolina University), Craig Lambert (XC and Track & Field, Northwest University) 


Emily Donnel (SC, Whitworth University), Courtney Porter (Cheer, University of Washington), David Postma (Sprint Football, United States Naval Academy), Erin Smith (Soccer, Western Washington), Annika Staal (Track & Field, Calvin College)


Dominique Razor (Acrobatics & Tumbling, Azusa Pacific university), Bennet Close (Soccer, Chapman University), Emily Stoppler (Volleyball, Providence College), Luke Postma (Soccer, Seattle Pacific University) 


Tate Razor (Football, Idaho State University) 


 Scott Miller (Track & Field, Eastern Washington University), Daniel Nortz (XC and Track & Field, Central Washington University), Jake Vandenbrink (Basketball, Colorado Christian University) 


Rajan Hanstad (Basketball, Millsaps College), Keegan Kemp (Football, Wheaton College) 


Jojo Howie (Baseball, Virginia Commonwealth University) 


David Downs (Basketball, Seattle Pacific University) 


Luke Besel (Baseball, Saint Martin's University), Kyle Fremd (Track & Field, Central Washington University), Andrew Van Ness (XC, Seattle Pacific University) 


Jeremy Bohnett (Baseball, Harding University), Rachel Irizarry (Volleyball, Hamilton College), Kolby Kemp (Football, Wheaton College), Rebecca King (Softball, Scripps College), James King (Baseball, Whitworth University), Nathaniel Slate (XC and Track & Field, Seattle Pacific University), Kyle Taylor (Baseball, Cuesta Community College) 


Megan Paulson (Track & Field, Western Washington University), Hans Struzyna (Rowing, University of Washington), Whitney Teague (Soccer, Northwest Nazarene University), Jeff Downs (Basketball, Seattle Pacific University), Evan Haines (Basketball, Westmont College)