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Our mission to prepare young people to live faithfully for Christ gives Bellevue Christian the opportunity to disciple students in a warm and nurturing environment, while also growing their minds and experiences in the classroom. But it’s not just about discipleship – our mission is to also help our students understand their place in a rapidly changing world. This is why we use Teaching for Transformation in the classrooms.

It’s more than a framework for teaching, it’s a learning model embedded in a transformational worldview that invites students to see the story of renewal by the grace of God.

Our Director of Discipleship enhances the Christian discipleship and mentorship taking place at the school’s three campuses. Chaplain Craig Pelissero hosts weekly Chapel at our three campuses, prays with students, advises administrators, teachers and staff, and works closely with students to help them discover their gifts and give them away for the Glory of God and others.

At the beginning of every year, teachers:

Set a Deep Hope -- a guide to teaching within a transformational worldview.

Follow a Storyline -- connecting learning experiences to God’s story.

Examine Throughlines -- connecting and engaging as disciples in the world to help students understand their roles in God’s story.

Once teachers help students see the story, they can then demonstrate how to live the story through Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx) – opportunities for learners to engage in real work that meets real needs for real people.
Teachers take students on a journey throughout the year, making connections between what is taught in the
classroom to tangible experiences outside the classroom. The results truly reflect our dedicated work for students to leave BCS with an ability to understand and evaluate the world around them.
Craig Pelissero

Craig Pelissero

Director of Discipleship

“The primary goal of Christian education is the formation of a peculiar people—a people who desire the Kingdom of God and thus undertake their life’s expression of that desire.” 

- James K. A. Smith

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession [a peculiar people - KJV], that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. 
1 Peter 2:9