Come join us at our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)  meetings!

Do you want to know more about the exciting events and activities coming up at Mack this year? If so, come join us each month at the PTF meetings. We discuss what activities are coming up next in the school year and have periodic guest speakers that discuss topics such as internet safety and identifying an anxious child.

The PTF meets from 8:30 am – 10:00 am once a month in the library. Little ones are welcome to join as well. Please see the schedule below for our next meeting.


Purpose of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

To support the overall BCS philosophy and programs as members of the BCS community.

To promote school unity by coordination of a) volunteer activities to benefit staff, teachers, and student body, b) fundraising activities and related expenditures for the Mack campus, c) educational programs, forums, and fellowship opportunities for parents, and d) communication between home and school.

To provide opportunities for parents to utilize their gifts and strengths.


The full schedule of PTF meetings is as follows:

Friday, September 14th
Friday, October 19th
Friday, November 9th
Friday, December 14th (social event)
Friday, January 25th
Friday, February 22nd
Friday, March 15th
Friday, April 26 (Staff Car Wash)
Friday, May 17th
Friday, June 7th


2018 – 2019 Parent Teacher Fellowship Executive Board

Principal – Jennifer Smith

President  Amanda Swann

Secretary  Roxanne Kidd

Treasurer  Kirsten Lowry

VP Mack Event Support  Amanda Swann

Co-VP Classroom Support  Sarah Lowry & April Banach

Co-VP Mack Community Support –  Erik Pulkka

VP Christian Community Services – Jenn Hancuff

Members at Large – Afton VanderPol & Melissa De Haan

Administrative Representative  Jackie Olson