Bellevue Christian Mobile Device Management
Privacy Statement

Last updated: Monday, June 11, 2018

Bellevue Christian (BC) is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy statement applies directly to the data collected by Bellevue Christian through Bellevue Christian’s Mobile Device Management (BC MDM); it may not apply to any other online or offline Bellevue Christian sites, products, or services.

BC MDM provides Bellevue Christian IT Administrators with cloud-based security management tools and reports to help them keep BC’s network secure and operating properly. It also allows BC IT Administrators certain types of control on personal devices used to access BC’s IT resources and applications. This includes requiring device security measures and monitoring of apps provided by Bellevue Christian, email usage, device OS type and version, and device risk.

Notice to all who use Bellevue Christian network resources and applications: All references to “you” or “your” in this privacy statement are to the lawful consumers of Bellevue Christian’s network resources and applications. Any information Bellevue Christian collects or handles through the BC MDM is processed for BC purposes to protect Bellevue Christian, its assets and network resources. Bellevue Christian is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties which may have access to data collected except as specifically provided in your agreement(s) with Bellevue Christian (see Sharing Your Information).

Personal Device Data
We will use Personal Device Data only for troubleshooting aimed at preventing, detecting or repairing problems affecting the operation of BC network resources and applications, and for the improvement of features that involve the detection of, and protection against, emerging and evolving threats to users (such as malware or spam).

BC and its IT Administrators will not sell, give away, or loan Personal Device Data (see Sharing Your Information below for more detail). BC and its IT Administrators are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of all Personal Device Data and this obligation continues even after their engagement ends.

BC Owned Device Data
A BC Owned Device was purchased by Bellevue Christian and BC Owned Device Data is collected as part of Bellevue Christian administering these devices on BC network resources. For example, BC Owned Device Data may include the name, address, home phone, cell phone, and personal email of the BC Owned Device user, whether collected at initial use or later during the use of and administration of the BC owned device.

BC Owned Device Data will be used to complete the transactions you have requested, for service improvement, and for the detection and prevention of fraud. In limited circumstances, Bellevue Christian may share BC Owned Device Data with third parties for purposes of fraud prevention.

Sharing Your Information
We will not disclose Your Data to a third party (including law enforcement, other government entity or civil litigant; excluding our, interns, vendors, or subcontractors) except as needed to provide network resources and application use, as you direct, or as required by law. Should a third party contact us with a demand for Customer Data, we will decline and attempt to redirect the third party to request it directly from you. If compelled to disclose Customer Data to a third party, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of a disclosure unless legally prohibited from doing so. Bellevue Christian may share BC Owned Device Data with third parties for purposes of fraud prevention as further described above. Please note BC network resources may include links to third-party services whose privacy practices may differ from those of Bellevue Christian. Your use of such services, and any information you provide to a third party, is governed by their privacy statements. We encourage you to review these third-party privacy statements.

Bellevue Christian is committed to helping protect the security of your information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the information you provide on computer systems with limited access, located in controlled facilities both on-premises and cloud based.

Specific Features

This section contains important privacy information about specific features of Bellevue Christian MDM. This is not a complete list of all features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Privacy Statement is provided to lawful consumers of Bellevue Christian’s network resources and applications. All consumers of Bellevue Christian’s network resources and applications are responsible for securing rights to all data necessary for us to provide network resources and applications without violating the rights of any third party.

Impact of enrolling a Windows Phone 8 or 10, iOS Device, or other Mobile Device (Android): BC IT Administrators are granted certain control and access rights to managed mobile devices and may apply policies to manage certain behaviors of that Mobile Device, up to and including erasing all data on that Mobile Device related to BC provided application data (email, OneDrive, etc.). If the device is BC owned, this could include erasing the entire device and returning it to its default state.

• Impact of enrolling a Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional Computer:

The consequences of enrolling a Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional Computer are as follows:
• Impact of removing Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional Computer: Upon removal, Software used by the Services will be uninstalled from the computer. As a result, in those cases where the previously installed anti-malware was removed during the enrollment, the Computer may be left without any active anti-malware programs.

• Impact of removing a Windows Phone 8 or 10, iOS Device, or other Mobile Device: Removing a Mobile Device will result in disassociating the user’s Mobile Device with its electronic mail server. As a result, users will no longer be able to sync their e-mail or install software from the BC Company Portal ( In some cases, the applications that were installed from the BC Company Portal will be uninstalled, and any data associated with those applications will be removed. In some cases, the policies and settings that were applied on the device through Bellevue Christian MDM will no longer be in effect.

• Endpoint Protection. The Services use the same malware engine as Forefront Endpoint Protection, and the privacy statement for Forefront Endpoint Protection applies.

• Service Improvement Program: Bellevue Christian collects telemetry data from the various BC Company Portal experiences. Telemetry data includes standard web tracking information, including session cookies, last web page visited, next web page visited and actions taken on the Services. This data is used in aggregated form to analyze and improve the service.

• License Management: BC IT Administrators can track certain Bellevue Christian licensing agreements against actual software installations. BC IT Administrators can also track certain Bellevue Christian retail software licenses, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licenses for Bellevue Christian software, and third-party software licenses.

Data Location
Data may be transferred to and stored and processed in the United States other than in the state of Washington.

Usage Data and Analytics
We may use aggregated statistical data, trends and usage information derived from your use of Bellevue Christian’s network resources and applications for the purpose of providing, operating, maintaining or improving them.

Support Services
Bellevue Christian IT administrative support of the network resources and application use is subject to the privacy statement.

Authentication Services
By signing into one Bellevue Christian network resources and applications, you may be automatically signed into other services that use these credentials (single sign-on).

Bellevue Christian IT Administrators configured network resources to allow you and end users to authenticate to network resources and applications with single sign-on in as many areas possible. Other Bellevue Christian or third-party services or web properties may require a separate sign-on. Use of those other services or web properties is subject to the privacy statement for those other services and web properties.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
We will occasionally update our privacy statements to reflect your feedback and changes in our network resources and applications. When we post changes to a statement, we will revise the “last updated” date at the top of the statement. If there are material changes to the statement or in how Bellevue Christian will use your information, we will notify you either by posting a notice of such changes before they take effect or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to periodically review the privacy statements for the products and services you use to learn how Bellevue Christian is protecting your information.

How to Contact Us
Bellevue Christian welcomes your comments. If you have technical support questions or believe that Bellevue Christian is not adhering to its privacy or security commitments, please contact us by using this email address helpdesk at

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