Included in your student’s Friday Folder will be their homework packet for the coming week.  It will include a list of daily assignments and a spelling list.  The homework packet is due on Friday with a parent signature certifying that the student completed all of the listed activities.  Monthly Bible Memory work and Book It are due at the end of the month and are available below.

Please try as much as possible to complete the homework on the day assigned as the homework assignments directly relate to what the students learn in class that day.  The packet should remain stapled together with the purple cover sheet on top and be turned in all together on Friday.  Any “Please Correct and Return” work is also considered part of the student’s homework.

Sea Life Report Resources:

Updated Parent Letter

Updated Grading Rubric

Sea Life Report Format (Use for Rough Draft)

Sea Life Report Extra Pages Only

Possible Research Resources:

Check out ebooks from (go to Kids, Homework Help [on the left side]) (use the Search tool) (User ID: bellevuecs Password: Vikings)

April Bible Memory (due May 1)

April Book It (due May 1)

May Bible Memory (due June 7)

May Book It (due June 7)