Alumna inspires kids through art during COVID-19
Amy Bruce

From a young age, BCS alumna Sarah McIntyre (1993) enjoyed exploring the power of creativity through her art. Starting at BCS in first grade, she was mentored by Mr. Brown and Ms. Grambush in her art classes. In biology with Mr. Anderson, he told her she could consider a career in medical illustration. For McIntyre, art class was the place where she felt free to do what she loved.

She went on to study Russian at Bryn Mawr College and traveled to Russia, where she was inspired by the beautiful artwork she found there. This experience reignited her love for art and she began working as an illustrator. Ten years later, she went to London to pursue a master’s degree in Illustration.

Since then, McIntyre has collaborated with many children’s authors and written her own stories for children. She has won numerous awards for her illustrations and collaborative works.

In response to COVID-19, she has been sharing how-to-draw videos based on the characters in her books. Her hope is that families will find fun ways to engage with her stories. They can even share their drawings on social media using the #DrawingWithSarah hashtag.

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