Founders' Fund

Founders Fund

The Founders' Fund is our annual appeal and the backbone of philanthropy at Bellevue Christian School. 

The Founders’ Fund provides essential support to the operating budget of Bellevue Christian School, allowing us to strengthen critical functions that directly benefit students: livable wages that allow us to recruit and retain great employees, curriculum that helps learning come alive, and the infrastructure – buses, technology, and buildings – that keeps our operation going. At Bellevue Christian, these components are not funded only by tuition and fees – they also come from the generous support of our whole community.

When we talk about our mission and vision in action, our Core Values and our operations, we talk about stewarding the financial commitment of our families – how we balance both affordability and access for families alongside the importance employee compensation, and the complementary role that philanthropy plays in holding these priorities together and moving our school forward.

Our entire community – current families, alumni, employees, grandparents, and all those who’ve seen a life positively impacted by the work of Bellevue Christian School – is invited to consider a gift to the Fund so that we may continue our work of equipping students to understand, evaluate, and transform their rapidly changing world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values.

Gifts to the Founders' Fund range from $50 to $50,000 (or more). All of these gifts matter. All of these gifts are appreciated. All of these gifts are carefully re-invested in the discipleship of students. We are doing this work together, in partnership.

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