Online Learning

Online Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in March of 2020, Bellevue Christian was READY. We were one of the first schools in the area to launch Online Learning, beginning on March 16. Our technology team and teachers pivoted quickly to rebuild engaging, relational classrooms in a digital environment in a matter of days.

No matter what fall of 2020 brings, Bellevue Christian is prepared to deliver the best in Christian education and discipleship.

You can read about how we framed our approach by reading “Learning in the age of COVID,” written by Kim Postma, High School Assistant Principal for Academics. What follows is a glimpse into what spring of 2020 looked like for our community:

I want to tell all the junior high teachers that we are so blessed to have them, they are amazing with us through this time, and I enjoy doing school this way with them. Thanks to all their hard work and effort, we really appreciate it so much!  - Parent

What Did Online Learning at Bellevue Christian Look Like?

Connecting our Community

BCS has maintained the special sense of community that Bellevue Christian is known for. Our teachers connect with students through clever videos and creative solutions. When we couldn’t honor our senior athletes with a year-end Athletic Banquet, we visited each one at home instead. We celebrated our graduates with a special drive-through Senior Parade in May, and plan to honor our seniors with an on-campus outdoor Commencement ceremony Aug. 1.

No matter what fall may bring, Bellevue Christian School is prepared. Enroll today! 

In Elementary

Students received daily lessons via Microsoft OneNote.

Lessons typically include a video greeting and daily instruction from teachers, presentations, screencasts or videos for instruction, reading, writing, math assignments, and more. Teachers are available throughout the day to respond to parent and student questions. Our specialist teachers deliver P.E., Music, Art and Tech lessons as well.

Most importantly, our teachers met "live" with their classes at least twice each week to stay closely connected as a classroom community.

In Junior High and High School

We designed a schedule with ample breaks for physical activity and to limit screen time. With regular live meetings, students not only continued to receive high-quality instruction, but remained in fellowship with teachers and peers. Even science labs, music classes, and visual arts classes continued.

Students followed a modified version of their regular block schedule, with classes meeting "in person" twice per week for an hour on Microsoft Teams.


Spiritual Life

Bellevue Christian also continued important work in the spiritual formation in our students. Our Director of Discipleship (aka "Rev") published REVcast each week, a podcast centered on Christian worldview and featuring interviews with members of the school community. For elementary students, the Jesus & Me (JAM) cast launched each week - we've shared Episode 1 here. Finally, every week featured a new devotional for our community that can be experienced by individuals, small groups, or families. Learn more on our Spiritual Formation page.

What are parents saying about Online Learning at BCS?

"Teach P.E. online? Who can successfully do that? Well, Ms. Bennett can! Not only that, but she takes the time to pray for the kids before they can log off. What a blessing she is, thank you!"

"Thank you for continuing instruction in an online format! I didn't think Band would be possible online, but it is working well! My friends and neighbors are amazed that Band classes continue in an online format. I am enjoying the music during the day!"

"She has done an exceptional job of utilizing technology available to innovatively challenge and occupy her students in active theater learning despite not being together; she has made an experiential class a true experience even while remote."

"A big thank you for handling this major change to Online Learning with grace and humor! I look forward to your reflections which are very thankful and help brighten my day. Thank you so much for living out God's calling and being such a godly role model and encourager of our kids."