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BCS@Home is our remote learning school for Grades 1-6. Grounded in the same philosophy and educational model as our traditional campuses, BCS@Home provides families with excellent veteran teachers, small classes, and a supportive, relational community.  BCS@Home is fully supported by the extensive resources and practices of Bellevue Christian School. Learn more below about the learning, relationships, and dependability that make BCS@Home a wonderful opportunity to meet your family’s needs.Learn more about the learning, relationships, and dependability that make BCS@Home a wonderful opportunity to meet your family's needs

"BCS@Home has provided a place of community and belonging for our girls during this school year. The teachers continuously put their student's needs above all else, offering fun, virtual events, such as the Valentine's Day party, to foster connectivity despite being distant. The students were given a great balance of teacher-led instruction and autonomous learning that gave them agency over their schoolwork while never feeling like they were going it alone. We appreciate the intentionality of the administrators and teachers that work very hard to make the BCS@Home program meaningful, continuing their pedagogical approach to learning in creative and effective ways online."

 - Craig & Jennifer, Parents

"My favorite part about BCS@Home is the Empire's Unit! I learned so much and had a lot of fun! These lessons allowed me to work with my classmate in groups and complete hands-on projects like making commercials and creating 3D projects. My teacher has been very helpful and kind!"

 - 6th Grade Student

“When we enrolled our 3 children in the BCS@Home program we didn’t know what to expect but it’s been an awesome experience. The teachers are absolutely amazing! Having a front-row seat watching our kids grow and develop has been incredible.”

 - Bryan, Parent

“My son's teacher has great energy, a positive attitude and a fun sense of humor and I'm amazed at how well she keeps the attention of students through the screen.  I also appreciate that she has made an effort to differentiate learning and offer new challenges for my child. Online learning has provided the flexibility to attend school from anywhere, allowing more quality time together and down time for the kids to explore additional interests.”

- Jenni, Parent

“Remote learning has been fun because I get to play in my backyard and I get to be home with my family. I have more time to finish my work on school days. It is so much easier in remote learning than the at school experience because I have my teachers and my mom to help me.”

- Eva, Student

“I am confident that their learning is right where it would have been, maybe even further along because of the more individualized attention and ability to focus in a smaller, quieter setting.”

- Tiffany, Parent

“Our teachers have created a team atmosphere that includes the whole family—they are communicative, adaptable, collaborative, and responsive. Both my 1st grader and my 3rd grader have a great sense of independence and ownership of their work & studies.”

- Tiffany, Parent

"I like connecting with my classmates and teacher online. We have fun and laugh a lot. The learning is really fun, too! I get to be creative on my projects and even present them to my class when I'm done. I also like that I still get recess and play outside during the school day. "

 - 4th Grade Student

Real Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of a Bellevue Christian education. Even though your child is learning at home, their BCS@Home teacher takes the time to get to know their personality, their gifts, and their needs. Our classes take the time for community-building and celebrations, and all students have dedicated one-on-one meeting time with their teacher each week. In addition, class sizes and learning groups are kept small so that teachers have the necessary time to understand each child individually. Finally, we organize optional weekly meet-ups for play and friendship development.

Real Learning

BCS@Home is a school and we seek to inspire curiosity and knowledge of God’s creation in all its forms. Students learn Language Arts and Math in grade-level cohorts averaging just ten students, while Bible, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Physical Education are taught in mixed-grade classes of 20 or fewer students. BCS@Home teaches the same learning objectives using the same materials as our in-person campuses. Finally, while we keep school fun and joyful for students, we carefully collect and analyze learning assessments and other data to ensure that our students are progressing at an appropriate pace. This data, combined with small class sizes, allows our students to work ahead when they need added challenge or circle back on a concept that needs more reinforcement.

Real Dependability

We developed BCS@Home to provide dependability and structure in an uncertain world. The unpredictability and disruption of recent years takes a big toll on families, and an even bigger toll on young children. The ability to learn well at home provides comfort and order. It gives parents a window into their child’s learning, the opportunity to support and enjoy that learning without the responsibility for managing every aspect of it. Having a reliable partner take the lead on your child’s education gives you the freedom and flexibility to be a parent, loving and supporting your child and lovingly coaching them through the inevitable challenges of childhood.

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