Tuition & Value

Because of your investment, Bellevue Christian students are finding their gifts in our classrooms, advancing to some of the best colleges across the country, and then crisscrossing industries and leapfrogging continents.

Because of your investment, they are becoming award-winning illustrators in London; brilliant oral surgeons in Seattle; insightful writers in Rome; daring pioneers in Alaska; and everyday moms and dads in our neighborhoods.

Because of your investment, our alumni are living and leading with purpose, transforming the world.

Bellevue Christian recruits and trains the best faculty and staff, applying new thinking and evidence-based practices in teaching and learning, and continually improves its resources and facilities for each of its students, including your own.

Your student will be invited to enroll upon acceptance of their BCS application. Returning students must re-enroll each year. BCS charges an annual enrollment/re-enrollment fee. The fee is identified in the tuition price sheet. This fee is non-refundable; it is not a deposit on or prepayment of tuition.

The BCS school board sets the annual tuition rates for each of its campuses, preschool through high school. Annual tuition is due July 1; two payment tracks are provided depending on student status.

Student with US citizenship (holds US passport) or green card:

  1. In full (with 2% discount if paid by July 1 by check or cash; no discount beginning July 2*); or
  2. 10 months of equal installments, due on the 1st of the month, beginning July 1.

Student with F1 (Form I-20), or other visitor, education, or work visa:

  1. In full (with 2% discount if paid by July 1 by check or cash; no discount beginning July 2*); or
  2. 2 installments, due July 1 and December 1.

*there is no discount for full payment made by wire, Flywire, or debit/credit card prior to July 1 for the upcoming school year, but wire or card fees will be waived.  A 3% convenience fee is charged on any tuition or fee payment by debit/credit card beginning July 2.

In addition to the enrollment fee and tuition, co-curricular fees may be charged to your student. Please reference the tuition price sheet for more information.

BCS initiates tuition and fee billing in early- to mid-June for the upcoming school year and continues to bill charges around the 20th of each following month. Monthly installment payments are due on the 1st of the month, beginning July 1; subsequent tuition installments are due on the first of each month through April 1.  (See also Withdrawal and Tuition Responsibility.) Late payments (with the exception of ACH payments) are subject to the late payment policy. Monthly payment options:

  • BCS requests that families authorize BCS to use the ACH (automated clearing house) payment method for 10-month installment plans. ACH withdrawal is made from the account you designate on the 5th of each month; no late fee. Once authorized, student billing will continue to draw payment from month to month and year to year until the authorization is cancelled in writing.
  • Alternatively:  scheduled, recurring bank bill pay will be accepted but the late payment policy will apply.
  • Cash, cashier’s check or money order. Families are welcome to drop off cash payments to the finance office. (Late payment policy applies.)
  • Credit or debit card. Other than re-enrollment and full payment of tuition on or before July 1, debit or credit card payments will be charged an additional 3% convenience fee. (Late payment policy applies.)

When a student enrolls at BCS after the start of the school year, annual tuition is calculated from the beginning of the month the student enters class through the end of the school year, the month of June. The tuition calculation is based on monthly installments of the annual tuition. For example, a student entering class in October would participate in school 9 of the usual 10 months and therefore is only charged 9 installments of the annual tuition. However, if a new family chooses to make monthly installments, the student billing office in the finance office works with the family to get caught up to the usual July to April installment cycle. Using the previous example, those 9 months of tuition would be set up so that payments are completed by April. This means paying several months’ tuition immediately upon enrollment. The withdrawal policy applies to all after-school-start tuition plans.

BCS does not have an option for a mid-month ACH draw. Because monthly installments are due on the 1st of the month, or by authorized ACH on the 5th, families with unusual income circumstances that do not allow for traditional 1st of the month payment are encouraged to make advance installments by beginning the 10-month installment cycle in June, so as to pay prior to the due date. Doing so will help match each family’s unique financial circumstances to our billing cycle.

Late payment:  Late fees are assessed on monthly unpaid tuition and fee balances on the 5th of each month ($15) and again on the 20th ($50). Total late fees charged per month: $65.00.

NSF payment:  Payments returned for insufficient funds are charged back to the tuition and fee account. A $25 NSF fee is also charged to your account. Late fees may also be assessed.

Monthly balance must be paid by month end. Your tuition contract signed upon enrollment or re-enrollment stipulates that the monthly installment must be paid in full by the end of the month in which it is billed. If your balance is not cleared by month end, your student may be asked not to attend classes or participate in co-curricular activities until your balance is brought current.

Report Cards and Official Transcripts. Report cards will not be released if there is an unpaid, non-current balance on the tuition and fee account at the grading period month end (trimester in elementary; semester in upper school).

Bellevue Christian official transcripts are not released for school or college applications if there is an unpaid, non-current balance on the account.

Upon withdrawal or graduation from school, official transcripts and/or school records will not be released until the balance on the account is cleared, outstanding fines are paid and school property is returned.

Click here for information on Tuition Assistance.

The enrollment fee is due upon enrollment and is non-refundable. July and August tuition is due once billed and non-refundable. The process of re-enrollment and open enrollment serves to reserve the student’s seat for the coming school year. The process of making tuition payments in July and August serves to confirm the family’s intention to attend Bellevue Christian School. BCS relies on both these processes to make budget decisions for its fiscal year and to make commitments for the upcoming school year.

Should you find it necessary to withdraw your student from BCS, you will be responsible for all fees and tuition accrued through the end of the month in which your student withdraws based on the 10-month installment plan beginning July 1. There are no refunds other than payments made over and above the fees and tuition charged through the month of withdrawal.

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