Financial Assistance

Our school community annually provides more than one million dollars in financial assistance. While this assistance is subject to the availability of funds, nearly 15% of our families benefit from some level of assistance.

The most helpful guideline in deciding to apply comes from your knowledge of your family’s finances. Each family’s financial circumstances are unique, and a number of factors are considered in calculating financial assistance. Without a completed financial assistance application, it is difficult to determine in advance with certainty who might receive financial assistance, or how much would be awarded. Whether applying for assistance or not, many families with students in private schooling find that to pay tuition they will need to consider their financial habits and choices and make adjustment as needed.

Financial assistance can be awarded to qualifying families for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Half-day kindergarten, when it is the family’s only tuition expense, is not considered. Preschool tuition is not considered.

In addition to K-12 tuition, SAS tuition and a portion of the enrollment fee are considered in the financial assistance evaluation. Some co-curricular fees are also reduced based on the financial aid award. Note that receipt of financial assistance does not except families from the Bellevue Christian Payment & Withdrawal policy.

All families are expected to participate financially in their student’s education. Families who receive financial assistance will have tuition responsibility ranging from 30% to 99% of annual tuition. Applying for financial assistance does not guarantee aid will be awarded.

Financial assistance is only available to families whose students are citizens of the United States.

BCS does not discriminate against economic status and invites families to apply for aid. The financial assistance process is independent of the admissions process. Financial information is never shared with administrators making admissions decisions. Financial assistance applications and documents can be submitted at the same time as admissions applications, but students must be admitted and enrolled (including payment of a portion of the non-refundable enrollment fee) before the financial assistance application will be reviewed.

Feel free to begin your financial assistance application for the next school year any time after October 1st. However, the earliest a completed application could be reviewed would be January of the coming year because Bellevue Christian requires the most recent taxes and W2s as part of the application. Your application will be complete after you have filed your returns and uploaded the required tax documents to the SSS website.

Generally, families will receive notification within 1 to 2 weeks after the application is fully complete. If more information or documentation is required, the finance office will notify the applicants, but communication of results could be delayed.

Families with overdue tuition accounts will not receive financial assistance awards until the balance is brought current.

There are several dates to keep in mind:

  • If your student is considering application for a need-based scholarship, your financial assistance application must be received by April 15.


  • The award of financial assistance is subject to the availability of funds; families submitting assistance applications in May or later should take this into account.


  • Enrolling and applying for assistance after July 1. Annual tuition is due July 1. Families paying annual tuition by installment make their first installment on July 1 and continue monthly installments through April 1. Families making application for enrollment after the start of tuition installment cycle should anticipate paying the full tuition installments for each month of the tuition cycle that has passed. Tuition payment would be immediately due and must be made prior to the student’s start of classes. For example, if a family enrolls mid-August, full tuition installments for July and August would be due, in addition to the enrollment fee. When the completed financial assistance application is reviewed, the family’s tuition responsibility is communicated. See Tuition & Value for complete tuition payment information.

Financial assistance is awarded based on a family’s ability to pay tuition which is determined through a detailed financial report submitted by the family to School & Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). (A supplemental application is submitted directly to Bellevue Christian.) SSS serves the financial assistance departments of hundreds of private schools across the country, including Bellevue Christian. To determine the family’s ability to pay tuition, SSS applies a standardized method of evaluation that considers income, assets, extraordinary expenses, and some forms of indebtedness, along with family size, the number of children attending tuition-charging schools, the regional Consumer Price Index, and other factors. Once the family’s financial report is submitted to SSS, a report identifying the family’s ability to pay tuition is made available to the school. The BCS Financial Aid Committee then confirms the family’s qualification for, and makes an award of, financial assistance. Families who do not qualify for assistance are notified upon confirmation by the Committee.

BCS endowed scholarships are awarded through the scholarship application process to qualifying applicants. Many of the scholarships are need-based; some are merit-based. If the student is applying for a need-based BCS scholarship, the student’s parents or guardians must also apply, and qualify, for financial assistance. Information about each scholarship can be found on the BCS scholarship page.

Applying for Financial Assistance