SEARCH Tool & TEACH Program

In its attempt to meet the educational needs of all of our students, even our youngest, Bellevue Christian Schools are using the SEARCH scanning tool. This scan is designed to identify young students who may have difficulty acquiring the basic skills necessary for reading / writing success.

If sufficient areas of need are identified, parents have the opportunity to enroll their child in the TEACH program for an additional tuition. This program is being used in many schools with a proven success rate. TEACH is designed to build the pre-academic skills foundational to reading and the language arts. The TEACH program is based on the multi-disciplinary research of Archie A. Silver, M.D. and Rosa Hagin, Ph.D. It has been validated by the Joint Dissemination Review Panel of the U. S. Department of Education. The TEACH program is administered in one-on- one sessions and is designed to stimulate areas of need and facilitate learning. The tasks are selected based on the child’s profile of strengths and areas of need and the classroom teacher’s recommendations. The TEACH program primarily works with those students in Kindergarten and first grade.