Enrolling in Student Academic Services

Admittance Requirements:

1. Individual Academic Assessment Results

2. Program determined to provide appropriate intervention for student

3. Permission by SAS Director, Principal and parents

4. Students in grades 7th or older must also agree to the placement. Personal interview with parents/student required.

Additional Tuition is required for program.

Integration With the Classroom:

While the student is in the one-on-one educational therapy setting, the focus is on stimulating the deficit areas. When the student returns to the classroom, the student’s educational therapist works collaboratively with the classroom teacher(s). The goal is to work together for the success and benefit of the student. Compensations are often made in the classroom until a deficit area is developed where accommodations and modifications are no longer needed. Each student in educational therapy has a 504 Accommodation Plan that is provided to parents and teachers to adjust course requirements to the student’s appropriate level. This is continually being reviewed, as the student develops skills through the intervention process, they can successfully handle more of the class work without compensations. Our goal is to get the student to be an independent learner as quickly as possible, so they need to be challenged but not frustrated.

Students Not Enrolled At Bellevue Christian School:

Educational therapy is open to students from the community, not enrolled as a student at Bellevue Christian School, when space allows. These students are provided with the same intervention and collaboration is also sought in working with the student’s general education classroom teacher(s). We have students who attend from other private, public, and home schools. Hours range from 7 am until 6 pm.