National Honor Society @BCS


The annual selection process for National Honor Society (NHS) membership begins after the first semester typically in February/March.  All academically eligible Bellevue Christian School (BCS) students will receive an invitation to complete a Student Activity Information Form.  Members will be selected from eligible candidates by a five-member faculty council.  Eligibility criteria include leadership, service, character, and scholarship.

The following selection procedures are followed at Bellevue Christian School:

  1. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible for NHS membership.
  2. Students’ academic records will be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility.  The minimum grade point average for selection is 3.45.
  3. Academically eligible students will receive an invitation informing them that they will be further considered for NHS membership after they complete and submit the Student Activity Information Form.
  4. Students will be notified of their eligibility, and receive the Student Activity Information Form, typically on or before mid-March, through on-campus mail. Notice will also be sent to each student’s BCS email address.
  5. Because the NHS seeks to recognize student character and student leadership, BCS chapter membership information, notices, and invitations will be sent directly to students.
  6. A two-week deadline will be set by which students need to return the completed form. Forms will be accepted, when delivered to the Honor Society advisor, until 3:10 pm on the published due date.
  7. Timely submission of the Student Activity Information Form and timely confirmation of the membership will be considered indications of character and leadership which are essential membership criteria. Therefore, missing published deadlines will be grounds for non-acceptance into the NHS.
  8. The faculty council will review the Student Activity Information Form along with other verifiable information about each candidate.
  9. Each candidate receiving a majority vote of the faculty council will be invited to become a member of the Bellevue Christian School chapter #13,763.
  10. Students need to confirm their membership by acknowledging the ongoing obligations of Honor Society members and by paying the membership fee by a specific deadline.
  11. The membership fee is $10 per year, paid prior to induction.  Sophomores will pay $20, while juniors and seniors will pay $10.
  12. Induction of new NHS members takes place at the annual High School Awards Program on a date to be announced.

At the graduation ceremony, senior class members of the Honor Society, in good standing, may wear a yellow cord, provided by the school, signifying their NHS membership.  In this way, students are stimulated and encouraged to respect scholarship and to demonstrate academic excellence.  It is a testimony to fine personal qualities:  service, character, and leadership, as well as scholarship.  In addition to recognition of these qualities being a member will aid in receiving scholarships and fellowships.

Reviewed and Revised 2/25/2014

Did you know?

-Bellevue Christian School has had a chapter of the National Honor Society since 1967.

– Honor Society members maintain a GPA of 3.45 or higher.

– Honor Society members demonstrate and document scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

– Honor Society members perform 25 hours of service every semester.

Current Honor Society Members:

– Service Hour Forms are due the 3rd Friday of February and the 3rd Friday of May.

Click here for service hour policies.

Click here for a Service Record Form.