Senior High Academics

The academic program at Bellevue Christian School – Senior High is more than just courses to take. We strive to help students build a four-year program that will equip them for the college or university of their choice and more importantly, learn how to think for a life of godly service.

Senior High Courses

We believe that Christ is supreme over all creation (see Colossians 1:15-20), Scripture is central to all of life and learning (see Romans 12:1-2 and 2 Timothy 3:15-17), and that real knowledge is evidenced by doing (see James 2:17Philippians 2:1-11, and Ephesians 2:8-10). We believe this to be true not only in Bible class but across the curriculum, so although we believe every class is a Bible class and every teacher is a Bible teacher, we have specific, intentional courses in both junior and senior high that provide scriptural content and application. Just as in elementary school we teach handwriting and reading with the expectation that students will use these skills throughout the rest of their schooling, so too with Bible we set aside time in specific courses to teach Bible content. Our goal is that students will infuse the knowledge and skills they acquire in these Bible courses into the entire curriculum, as well as the rest of life.

Here’s more information on BIBLE course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

Humanity’s Great Conversation started before Moses and continues in this morning’s New York Times. Our goal is to teach our students that they have a Christian responsibility to write, read, and communicate with discernment, clarity, and purpose, so they can engage productively in this conversation.

Here’s more information on ENGLISH course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

Mathematics education at BCS strives to help students better understand the world in which they live by uncovering the essence of math through observing patterns, analyzing data, and finding relationships.  Students experience this daily as they work together to investigate real world situations, synthesize information, and formulate concrete mathematical concepts.  Along the way, symbol manipulation skills and understanding are developed.  The strands of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, functions, and data analysis are interwoven throughout the curriculum.

Here’s more information on MATH course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

The BCS Science Department strives to encourage all of our students to think critically, ethically, and patiently. We intentionally structure our courses to build competence in reasoning, oral and written communication, reading comprehension, and experimental lab skills. Course offerings include a balance of life, physical, and earth sciences to provide a solid foundation for college and career pursuits and to enable students to be able to critically consider their world. By experiencing a range of learning models over their junior high and high school years, students are equipped to continue learning both as members of teams and individually. God has created us and the world around us; science is a critical method of exploring and appreciating that Creation. May it lead to our glorifying the Creator.

Here’s more information on SCIENCE course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

The purpose of the Social Studies Department is to prepare students for a better understanding of the Lord’s sovereignty and the working out of his redemptive plan for man and all of creation through the events that have taken place throughout recorded history.

Here’s more information on SOCIAL STUDIES course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

At BCS we share the beauty of modern languages, their people, and culture. We hope our students will understand the importance and advantages of learning another language in order to communicate with other foreign language speakers. As their language skills grow and develop, we would encourage them to travel, see other countries, and experience various cultures first hand.  Several experiences for service travel and cultural discovery are available through Bellevue Christian School.

Here’s more information on MODERN LANGUAGE course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

The goal of the Arts Department is to teach students to express glory and praise to God, their Creator, through the creative use of art and music and to use their gifts as a service to those around them.

Here’s more information on THE ARTS course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

The purpose of the Physical Education Department is to instruct students in the concepts of physical fitness, fundamental movement skills, and basic strategies of team sports. Particular emphasis is placed on endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility. The department attempts to foster proper stewardship of leisure time by introducing students to a variety of lifetime individual, dual and recreational competitive team sports. The department seeks to honor God by expecting students to display proper conduct and sportsmanship as they practice Christian living through physical education activities.

Here’s more information on PHYSICAL EDUCATION course offerings, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in U.S. History, World History, Physics 1 & 2, Biology, English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB & BC, Spanish Language and Studio Art. Accelerated mathematics and science programs are also offered and begin in junior high school.

No additional value is placed on AP grades at BCS. However, some colleges and universities see successful completion of AP courses on the transcript as a predictor of a higher college GPA.

Bellevue Christian School believes that students should be encouraged to develop their talents within the widest possible scope of academic disciplines. Therefore, we have set minimum requirements for graduation that are higher than those required by Washington State Law.

To graduate from Bellevue Christian High School a student must earn a minimum of 45 semester credits. At Bellevue Christian High School the normal class load is six classes per semester.

Here’s more information on Graduation Requirements, or see the full Secondary Academic Handbook below.

To access more information on academic policy and course descriptions, please see the Secondary Academic Handbook here.