We Welcome you to our High School

Welcome to one of the best high school experiences on the Eastside.

To our potential parents, we want you to know that we will prepare your son or daughter spiritually and academically for life beyond graduation. They will be ready for the challenges and surprises that await them.

To our potential students, we want you to know that you will meet lifelong friends; make great memories; build a relationship with God; discover hidden talents; find resilience; and begin to identify a path and purpose that will guide you in good times and bad.

We believe the very best way to learn about Bellevue Christian is to visit, and we sincerely look forward to welcoming you in person during your tour.

How We Are Different

People might assume we compete on our state-of-the-art Technology, award-winning Math competition program, acclaimed Performing Arts, ever-increasing co-curricular activities, mentoring opportunities, community service, Advanced Placement success, Athletics, and so much more.

But we actually want potential families to remember something else.

It’s the trusting relationships between teachers and students that make Bellevue Christian different; it’s students realizing for the first time that they do matter that makes us different; it’s thinking big and thinking bigger that make us different; it’s learning more about more that make us different.

Every day, across industries and continents, Bellevue Christian alumni are living and leading with purpose, transforming the world as they do. That might be the biggest difference of all.

Blake DeYoung
Junior High-High School Principal
Email: Blake DeYoung

Kim Postma
High School Assistant Principal
Email: Kim Postma 

Adam Hart
High School Assistant Principal
Student Life
Email: Adam Hart