Elementary School Library Program 

We are privileged to have a wonderful collection of books and resources for primary and intermediate students. There is a real excitement for reading on both elementary campuses, and the library plays an important role in developing lifelong readers 

The library program introduces diverse genres of books, and highlights a variety of authors, both local and worldwide. Students gain skills in information literacy, including accessing and evaluating information.  The library partners with teachers to support learning across the curriculum. 

Special events promote fun with reading, including book fairs, B.E.A.R. Week (Be Excited About Reading), and guest authors.  

Junior/Senior High School Library Program  

At the Clyde Hill campus, the library (also known as the “LRC” for Learning Resource Center) serves as a hub for research, collaboration, homework, reading, chess and other board games, and much more.

Just as reading and math literacies are foundational to student learning, so too are information and digital literacies. Students must navigate the ever-increasing world of information, and be prepared for college and their lives beyond. The librarian teaches and re-enforces these skills, and works alongside teachers to embed these literacies across the curriculum.

To ensure that students have access to trustworthy information, Bellevue Christian subscribes to reliable online databases, such as Britannica School and EBSCO.  The LRC offers a curated selection of books for research and enjoyment, including a growing collection of e-books and audiobooks, which students can access on their own devices from anywhere.   

BCS partners with King County Library System (KCLS), to offer students access to a range of resources including ebooks, audiobooks, streaming services, tutoring help, and research databases, regardless of their home address. 

Learning Resource Center

Krick Memorial Learning Resource Center

The LRC serves an active community of students, faculty, and parents. It was dedicated on April 20, 1993, to Willa Penn Dorning Krick, an English teacher who loved books. Her great grandchildren, Bellevue Christian graduates, funded the completion of the LRC at the time. 

Three Points Library 

Elementary students love to read!  Choosing and checking out your own library books is an important skill and is always very exciting when the first graders get to take books home for the first time.

Kristel Fawcett

Kristel Fawcett

Elementary Librarian
Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson

Librarian, Junior/Senior High

Supporting our Libraries

Volunteering in the library, donating books, or buying new books through the Celebration Library Program are great ways to show your support! Click below to contact a librarian:

The Library at Mack Elementary

The iconic log teepee in the Mack Elementary Library creates a cozy reading spot for students.