The Whole Student…

The whole student is important to us, and we make a concerted effort to educate and develop how God has made them…

Spiritually: Christ is central to what we do at BC. Teaching our students how to view the world through the lens of a biblical understanding is a large undertaking. What does is meant to think “Christian-ly”? How then do we understand, evaluate and ultimately transform the world? This is at the heart of everything we do at BCS. It guides us and connects us as a community. Our goal is to teach kids how to think, not what to think.

What we know is important; how we think is equally, if not more important. We emphasize a solid curriculum of core classes (English, Mathematics, Science, Bible and History) as well as a wide variety of exploratory courses (Spanish, Woodshop, Art, Music, Speech,  Drama, Foods, Video production, Media Literacy for example) for students to choose.  Students are challenged to think and act on their knowledge, in the classroom and beyond.

Emotionally:  We love junior high students at BCS! Our school is large enough to offer a great variety of top-notch programs, but small enough to allow for deep relationships to develop between students and teachers and our parent community. A BCS education is intentionally relational and BCS is an exceptionally connected place to work and learn.

Socially: BCSJH offers a wide variety of activities, experiences and outings for its students. Like to act? We’ve got a fantastic drama program. Like to sing? BCS is noted for its choral programs. Student leadership? We have a student council, small groups, prayer groups and class outings.  Like to serve? Each year, students develop ideas and make plans to raise support for people in need through various fund raising activities. Our junior high students tell us they love the many outings and events available throughout the year to continually nurture and develop friendships.

Physically: Sports are a fantastic way to get involved at BCS. We emphasize participation, and a high number of our students participate in soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, track and wrestling. BCS places its emphasis on character development, sportsmanship and participation.  At the JH level, all students who go out for any sport makes the team (no cuts!). We try to win, but we care greatly about how we play the game.