My time at Bellevue Christian School has been very valuable and unforgettable. One of the things I love about BCS is that it’s a Christ centered school. It is great to be able to know more about Jesus at school. When I first moved here, I was excited and nervous at the same time.  However, when I arrived, everyone was super welcoming and really nice. I was able to make friends through classes, cheer leading, and track and field. The classes are small which helps me to focus and makes it easy to communicate with my teachers. The teachers help me with everything I need; they help me in class and even during their lunch break. Another great thing about BCS is that it has a lot of extra curriculum activities. I have been able to participate in sports, choir, and community service.

~ Bright Girmay, Ethiopia
Class of 2018


I am a senior at Bellevue Christian School from Shenyang, in northeastern China, not far from the North Korean border. BCS has changed me for good. I have become a very different person from whom I was when I first stepped foot on the BCS campus. Through these four years at BCS, I have been surrounded by teachers who are absolutely patient and love their vocation, and by friends who help one another and love the Lord as much as I do. BCS is an environment so full of love and compassion you can breathe it in the air.

During my time at BCS, I have been able to experience Chapel once a week, where the whole school meets together and worships the Lord. While studying at BCS, not only have I been able to cultivate my faith and grow in the Lord, I have also been able to create a network of teachers and students that will always be there for me.

Playing volleyball has allowed me to experience the importance of teamwork. Being a cheerleader brought me new confidence. Acting in the theatre club allowed me make lots of friends. Serving as a Senator in student government helped me to learn from and think the best of others. In the summer I was able to be a part of the mission trip to Thailand and Myanmar where we taught Bible and grew together as a Christian team.

I love to give tours to Chinese families who come to find out about BCS. This allows me to share with others all that BCS has done for me. As a young child back in China, I had imagined an American school where I could follow my interests and passions. BCS has been that place where I have been able to fulfill my dreams.

~Tina Li, China
Class of 2018


“I was very surprised and happy because I have so many classmates that help me.  The people that I meet are all very kind.”

~Jenny, 5th grade


“I’m happy because the teachers are so helpful.”

~Emily, 6th grade


“There are so many fun things to do!  I am very excited to run at the Jog-a-Thon.”

~Alisa, 3rd grade


“At Bellevue Christian School I am very excited about P.E. class!”

~Christiana, 6th grade