Trevor Nelson          
International Program Coordinator

Trevor oversees the International and ELL program on both the elementary and secondary campuses.

Trevor works with students and families, assisting them with academic schedules, four year planning, medical insurance, extra-curricular activities, and becoming involved in the Bellevue Christian School community.  He will help guide you through the admissions process including the I-20 visa.

Trevor is a certified, ELL endorsed educator.


Mica Winskill

International Student College and Career Counselor

Mica helps students prepare for college. She teaches them how to choose schools, fill out applications, ask for recommendations, and find scholarships.

Mica also supports students socially and emotionally as they assimilate into American school culture.


Stefan Ultstein

Secondary International English Teacher 

Stefan teaches ELL English classes for International students in grades 7-11. In these classes, instruction is scaffold for English language development by differentiating mainstream classroom content. These classes are smaller than the regular education classes, allowing students to receive more personalized instruction.


Joann Zhang
Elementary International Family Liaison

Joann Zhang assists families with settling into a new country and school. She helps the students and families make the necessary adjustments so that school can be a positive place for everyone. Joann teaches at the Junior High and High School level.



Molly Studley
Elementary ELL (ESL) Teacher

Molly is an ELL endorsed educator who works to evaluate, instruct, and improve English proficiency of ELL (English Language Learner) students. She serves as a resource to classroom teachers to help ELL students succeed academically in the classroom.