Academics at Mack Elementary School

The Classroom 

Our classrooms are alive with learning!

Tour our classrooms and you will see children actively engaged in their own learning.  There is an excitement of discovery and exploration, collaborative small group experiences, and rigorous thinking in every subject.  Instruction is designed to take children far beyond rote memorization and test-taking to a level of critical thinking that will help them be lifelong problem solvers and learners.  Children learn how to evaluate, analyze, and compare & contrast what they learn through the lens of Biblical truth.

Teachers assess each child’s ability and classroom instruction is designed to meet each child where they are. Caring relationships between teacher and students make the classroom a safe place to learn. Kindergarten class size is limited to 20 students and 1st -6th grade class size is at about 18-25 students.

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Children are given an overview of the Old & New Testament through stories and learn about the life and work of Jesus Christ. Essential truths of the faith are shared with students: each child is uniquely and wonderfully made in His image, and each child has God-given gifts and talents. The role of the teacher is to uncover those gifts and talents.

Our mission is to help our students live fully for God in a rapidly changing world. Our children are a valuable part of a community. Our Bible study is rooted in God’s truth.

Most importantly, our students are challenged with spiritual truths and practical application of the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. Christian Schools International (CSI) curriculum establishes God’s Word as the final guide and source for our lives. Daily devotions, chapel, Bible memory, its application, and prayer all make God an integral part of all classroom studies.

All classrooms participate in a service learning project serving people across the street, across town, and around the world.


Read about the Math Expressions curriculum here.

The three pillars of mathematical thinking, problem solving, computation, and concept development, are the basis for Math Expressions, our rigorous math curriculum. The goal of the BCS Math program in primary grades is to teach math concepts through hands-on materials.   Students explore the use of manipulatives, sort and classify objects, work at number stations, and perform patterning and graphing activities. This approach helps children move from the concrete to the symbolic level as they see the underlying patterns found in mathematics.

Intermediate students learn flexible mathematical thinking, problem-solving strategies, algebraic thinking, logic, probability, and statistics as they tackle increasingly complex mathematical problems.  In addition, students in grades 1-6 can expand their mathematical skills online and beyond their grade level through the individualized Accelerated Math program.

Reading & Writing

Children entering Kindergarten are discovering the magic of reading and writing together! Our reading program for young learners teaches phonics by having children learn the 44 sounds of the English language. Students participate in learning stations which include hands-on reading and writing activities to strengthen phonics and comprehension. In each grade, students learn sight words from the Dolch word list. Children learn the many components of early literacy in a hands-on, supportive, loving classroom.

Creative journal writing strengthens the connection between reading and writing. In 2nd and 3rd grades, students learn cursive handwriting. In upper grades, children participate in fiction and non-fiction book studies in small groups, across genres, as they develop a love of reading and writing. Students in grades 1-6 can also test their comprehension and increase their reading motivation through participation in the Accelerated Readers program.


Meaningful science instruction helps children understand the fullness of God’s world. Creation comes alive through hands-on projects designed to lead children through the discovery of scientific exploration. From the study of animals, balance, and motion in the younger grades to the study of the forest, water systems, and magnetism in the middle grades, followed by the study of variables, nutrition, and body systems in the upper grades, our students learn about the intricacies and wonders of this planet.

Social Studies

Students learn about ancient and American history, geography, different cultures, and social issues through a combination of simulations, stories, biographies, text books and field trips.

Academic Enrichment

The enrichment program is a specialized class designed to provide highly capable students in second through sixth grade with enriching experiences in the areas of their strengths. To participate in this program, children must qualify through testing or be recommended by their classroom teacher.  

The program includes high interest activities, rich with critical thinking skills, in thematic units.  Themes include but are not limited to engineering, forensics, Bubbleology, architecture, rocketry, broadcasting, and creative dramatics.  Math enrichment classes are designed for children who are gifted in math.  These pull out sessions include high level thinking in probability, logic, statistics and problem solving. We offer enrichment options for grades 2-6, math enrichment for grades 2-6, and independent learners in grades 3-6.

Click here to visit the BCS Enrichment Program page.

Specialist Classrooms

Each child will participate in a variety of specialist classes at Mack Elementary. These include instruction in Spanish, art, music, band, PE, and library for all students. Formal computer instruction begins in 2nd grade.


All students participate in Spanish instruction. Our Spanish program involves the Total Physical Response approach by having students go through the motions and engage in their learning. Students learn the vocabulary, music, customs, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

Visual Arts

Students have a rich exposure to art activities including drawing, painting, sculpture, and pottery.  Studies in line, contrast, color, form and design give our students a wonderful foundation of the elements of art.


Music instruction teaches the fundamentals of music through rhythm, dance, and song. Students also learn music history, theory, and music appreciation, as well as vocal and listening skills. There is also instruction on reading music and playing the recorder. Performance is important to students and parents and is used to enhance the educational program.

Band & Choir

Beginning in the fifth grade, students may opt to learn a band instrument such as brass, woodwinds, or percussion. Band students rehearse twice a week and perform several times throughout the year. Fifth and sixth graders may also join the choir that performs at school concerts, chapels, and community venues, under the music teacher’s direction.


Students visit the library weekly. Our librarian prepares age-appropriate activities including story time, oral readings, and lessons in library and research skills. Students have time to select and check out books for assignments and leisure reading.

Physical Education

All students attend PE. The PE teacher plans and leads activities aimed at developing coordination, strength, flexibility, balance, fitness, sport-specific skills, and knowledge through demonstrations, play, exercise, and games.

Computer Education

Students in 2nd-6th grade attend formal instruction in the computer lab.  In computer class the children learn how to utilize the Office Suite programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and more.  Students learn the importance and power of the computer as a tool for producing exceptional work.

Student Academic Services

A one-on-one academic therapy program is available at an additional cost for students who have been diagnosed as having learning differences. Therapists are trained to use the program developed through the National Institute of Learning Disabilities (NILD). Separate information is available upon request.

Reading Resource

Our Reading Resource Specialist provides supplemental assistance in the area of language arts with an emphasis in reading skills fluency in a small-group setting. Eligible students are those who need an extra boost in reading skills at their respective grade level.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing begins for students in 1st and 2nd grades with the Stanford Reading Assessment.

Each year, all students in 3rd-6th grades take the IOWA Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) in math, reading, language, and other subjects. Our school does very well in comparison to others. Test Scores over a number of years show that most BCS elementary students perform significantly above grade level on this assessment.

Additional Exciting Opportunities!

There is a multitude of enriching opportunities which all students may participate in. They include musical concerts, dramatic performances, leading worship during weekly chapels, the Washington State Math Olympiad, the National Geography Bee, local and regional Speech Meets, field trips, jog-a-thon, 5th grade outdoor education, track meet for grades 4-6, Imagination Celebration Open House, a talent show, and much more.

Extended Day

Families have the option to register for before- and after-school childcare, which can involve academic classes at an added cost.

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