Creating to Glorify God

Fine Arts at BCS is a vast program, with students experiencing and creating art in many different capacities, all with the ultimate goal of glorifying God using artistic gifts and skills.

Junior High Art

Whether it is the painting of Summer Pleasures which show us shafts of God’s glory in our lives, opportunities to work in clay, doodle time in cartooning class, or bidding for art in a class art auction, junior high students experience the many aspects of the creative process.

Field Trips

BCS Art students have the opportunity to visit art museums in the area. Seattle Asian Art Museum has great shows and a venue that allows for drawing opportunities and experiencing classic art work from around the world. Bellevue Art Museum is a short class period away where students see the innovative work of artist/craftspeople in a variety of media.

Career Focus

Students in the arts are exposed to a variety of college experiences that inform their decisions about career paths and possibilities. Visiting the SPU Fashion and Interior Design Grad show has informed many students about a career in fashion and interiors. One might even run into a BCS alum while visiting these events.


High school face painters have a great time getting to know the younger kids during the carnival. BCS Junior High students paint pumpkins for the fall carnival to raise money for the art department. Every pumpkin was purchased by cute carnival kids who persuaded parents to add a pumpkin to their patch.

AP Students

AP students spend their class time honing skills for their AP Portfolios which they will submit the first week of May. Figure drawing is an important component of the Portfolio. Students are working with a live model to practice proportion and gesture. Guest artists such as Heidi Rose, colored pencil artist,  join the class to help students learn the skills that will enhance the quality of their work as they work with a variety of media.

Year-end AP and Senior Art Show

AP and Senior student work is featured in the LRC during the last week of Spring quarter. The AP and Senior Art Event  showcases the artists as they share about their work and their creative process as it has unfolded over the last semesters while creating their portfolios. Teachers and students enjoy the opportunity to see and purchase art and talk with the students about their work.