Welcome to Bellevue Christian School! On behalf of our community, I'm glad you're here. 

For seventy years, Bellevue Christian has been dedicated to helping students discover their individual gifts and God's purpose for their lives. Our mission, to help students live faithfully for Christ, calls us to the understanding that every part of our studies, every game played, every note sung, every conversation is an opportunity live faithfully in the discovery of His design and purpose. 

We are an independent Christian school, drawing from many denominations. Our families come from all across King County and are attracted by a broad range of programs and services. But whatever may draw a family to Bellevue Christian, they discover a warm community with caring teachers committed to truly knowing their students and helping them learn, grow and thrive. 

Each teacher at Bellevue Christian adopts a Deep Hope that infuses every area of their teaching. My Deep Hope is that BCS cultivates curiosity about the created world and graciously radiates hope to those who need it. Through this, I pray we will honor God by making things better, treating people more fairly, and doing work that makes us proud.

As you are introduced to BCS, I hope you will sense commitment and excitement to live out our mission. We invite your family to come visit and experience Bellevue Christian first-hand. 

Kevin Dunning

Kevin Dunning

Head of School
Accredited by Christian Schools International