Welcome to BCS

There is something uniquely human about our capacity to tell stories. Whether in a page-turner of a novel, a good movie, or in the soul searching lyric of a song, a great story has the power to move us to laughter, tears, anxiety, and through the best ones, deep thought. Stories add meaning; they help us interpret the world around us.

In many ways, each school year is a story unto itself. The cast of characters changes from year-to-year. There are unexpected shifts in the plot.  There are moments of side-splitting laughter and sometimes periods of great grief. There are the “aha” moments that surprise, delight, entertain and teach us. And always mystery.  No one knows quite how the story will end.

This year our school operates under the theme “See the Story — Live the Story”. The story referenced is simply the greatest story ever told: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.  It is the story that encompasses all of human history, authored by God himself, and the foundation for all of education at BCS as together we explore how all of human knowledge and history are a part of God’s design. All of us in the BCS community have a part in that story.

Thus an education here goes beyond memorizing facts, examining sentence structure, solving equations or running laps. An education at BCS will transform the imagination. It will equip our students, as school founder Dr. Al Greene noted,  to “think through life” and to develop the habits and dispositions that enable students to carry their learning out into the “real” world, both now and into adulthood. Embracing a heritage now nearly seven decades old, BCS holds fast to the eternal values of God while providing an education that is fundamentally sound,  yet informed by all we know about how students learn.

So welcome to the 2017-18 school year. If you are not part of the BCS community yet, I encourage you to pay us a visit. Whether you are at Mack, Three Points or Clyde Hill, the positive impact our teachers have on our students is evident in the joy students have in coming to school each day.  Please join us in the awesome work of preparing young people to live faithfully for God.

– Kevin Dunning
Habakkuk 2:14