JH & HS to Return to Campus
Kevin Dunning, Head of School

I am happy to announce that the Clyde Hill Campus will open to in-person learning beginning Tuesday, October 6. We are grateful that the spread of COVID-19 continues to decline, giving us more confidence that we can safely welcome back our 7-12 grade students to campus. You can learn more about precautions via this video message or continue reading below. Interim Principal Adam Hart will send another email today detailing how we will implement a phased return to campus.

 To stay on campus and keep our students and staff healthy, everyone must follow these protocols:

1) Everyone must wear a cloth mask while in any indoor spaces. This is particularly important during passing periods.

 2) Students must maintain social distancing whenever possible. This includes our parking lots, lobbies, and other places where students traditionally gather.

 3) Parents must complete the daily health screening through the Magnus Health App for their students before they come onto campus. If you have questions about the app, please contact Operations & Tech Director Kevin Thomas.

 4) Strictly adhere to the COVID-19 Screening Flow Chart (under other resources-lower right). Our COVID-19 webpage is full of helpful resources.

We will continue to monitor the coronavirus activity in our community. Should county case counts surge or too many cases of COVID-19 develop on the Clyde Hill Campus, we will return to remote learning. We must provide a safe environment not only for our students but for the many faculty and staff who work at Clyde Hill, several of whom are high-risk individuals.

We are so thankful that after a six-month wait, we are ready to bring students back to campus. And while we may not be able to see smiling faces underneath those masks, I know joy will soon fill our hallways and classrooms. We can’t wait to welcome them back.

In His Service,

Kevin M. Dunning

Head of School


Start of School Update 8/17
Amy Bruce

The spring, summer, and now the fall of 2020 continue to be an age of remarkable challenges. God has faithfully blessed the work of Bellevue Christian School for 70 years and continues to walk alongside us today as we encounter a changing landscape full of difficult decisions. Please continue to pray for the school – our leadership team, our families, our faculty and staff, and most especially our students. It is for their learning and discipleship that we continue to strive.


Please click here to view our latest update on plans for returning to school.


*Please note: This video was recorded on Friday, August 14. Later that day we learned the State Department of Health was changing the way it calculates what constitutes a “case.” We are assessing how this impacts the metrics we use for decision-making, but the plan outlined in the video remains in place.


Return to School FAQ

1.      Are you opening school for in-person learning?

At this time, we believe we have safety protocols in place that allow us to responsibly open our elementary campuses on Sept. 3rd for in-person learning (Grades Preschool-6th).


2.      When will Junior High and High school return to in-person learning?

We believe that there are currently too many uncontrollable variables to safely open our Junior High and High School program on Sept. 3. Our plan is for Junior High and High School students to return to in-person learning on September 21st or when the King County caseload drops to 50 per 100,000, whichever of these comes second. Regardless of the caseload, the Junior and Senior High School will not return until September 21st. While we are also monitoring cases in specific cities, we intend to use the county-wide number as our metric to determine a return-to-school.


3.      Could Junior High return before High School?

We have begun to discuss this possibility but are not prepared to launch such a model. At this time, Junior High families should plan on returning to in-person learning September 21st.


4.      What are the safety protocols?

At all campuses, all visitors who report to campus will be screened for flu-like symptoms. All students, teachers, staff and visitors must wear masks throughout the day except for approved times outdoors when social-distance can be assured. Our facilities staff is cleaning on a regular basis using state-of-the-art procedures adopted last year. Classrooms have been rearranged and class numbers have been reduced to ensure distance between students. When students are moving about campus, between classes at the Clyde Hill Campus or during recess at our elementary campuses, their movement may be regulated to decrease crowding.


5.      What happens if my child is ill?

Students who show flu-like symptoms will be cared for in an isolated area until their parent can pick them up. Students will be out of school for at least three days and may return after a confirmed negative COVID-19 test or ten days after their last symptoms. Siblings or other students who have had direct exposure to the ill child may be asked to stay home. The identity of any ill child will remain confidential. 


6.      What happens if multiple students on campus or in my child’s class fall ill?

In short, if we have multiple cases and suspect virus transmission among community members, we will immediately consult with the King County Health Department. Under these scenarios, classroom and/or campus-wide quarantine is possible. If this occurs, the quarantined group(s) will move to remote learning as quickly as possible.


7.      How will remote learning look different than last spring?

At the elementary level, remote learning will follow a much more structured schedule with daily “live” instruction via video platform. The school has adopted new platforms, practices and equipment to ensure the very best online learning experience. The BCS@Home program, our separate, optional remote learning program for elementary students, will lead the way in launching several of these practices and will serve as a resource for in-person teachers and students who need to move remote later in the year.


At the Junior High and High School level, our students will follow a modified schedule similar to what we ended with last year. Teachers will train and implement new practices and equipment prior to the stat of the year. Principal Adam Hart will follow up with Clyde Hill families directly with details on the schedule, platforms, and other information.


8.      Why a different decision for elementary and secondary?

At the most basic level, elementary students already learn in tight and predictable “cohorts” of students. This year, those cohorts have been shrunk even smaller than normal. This significantly decreases the likelihood of widespread transmission and makes things like contact tracing much earlier. With seven rotating classes, not to mention lunch or passing periods, Junior High or High School students or teachers may quite reasonably interact with more than 150 students in a given day.


9.      Why have you made these choices?

Bellevue Christian School is working hard to make the right choice that allows us to best serve the needs of students. This involves a careful analysis of our program, our procedures, the current public health landscape locally and nationally, and consultation with a broad range of experts. These decisions – to launch elementary in-person, and Junior/Senior High remote – have each been made because we believe this is the best way to serve our students and fulfill our mission.


10.  As a parent, what can I do to help?

Support our efforts. This means supporting our efforts to ensure safety protocols on-campus. It also means supporting the spirit of these protocols off-campus. If families want to remain learning in-person (or return as quickly as possible), they need to limit their social interactions and demonstrate commitment to hygiene, masks, and honestly reporting any symptoms to the school. Finally, please continue to pray for our decisions, for those who are ill or care giving, for medical professionals, and for public officials.


We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and will relay any new information about the start of the school year as early as we can. As of right now, we are planning on our next communication about the start of school in 7-10 days. Please direct any questions to Head of School Kevin Dunning. Thank you for your grace and patience.

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Reopening Progress Update from Head of School
Kevin Dunning, Head of School

"I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5 (ESV) 2020-2021 Annual Verse

I want to congratulate the faculty and staff at our Mack and Three Points Campuses for demonstrating we can have in-person school and do so safely. And kudos to our teachers at our Clyde Hill Campus, who prove daily that remote learning can be engaging and productive.

I am sure that many of you noted that the COVID-19 case counts in King County have been trending downward over the last few weeks. While that indicator is critical, we are also watching the other data points on the King County dashboard. Many of those are also trending in the right direction. We are monitoring spread in the five communities where 70% of our families live. Those typically run lower than the county-wide numbers.

Working with Interim Junior-Senior High Principal Adam Hart, we are developing plans to return to in-person learning at the Clyde Hill Campus, either in late September or early October. The exact date depends on the course of the virus over the next two weeks. If we can avoid a post-Labor Day spike in cases, which should be reflected in next week’s numbers, then we will announce our plan to bring students back to campus. However, should cases spike, our return to school will be delayed until we have conditions similar to those this week. Clyde Hill families should expect an update toward the end of next week.

Also next week, families will hear from Athletic Director Mark DeYoung about the return of some supervised, after-school athletic activities in small groups, with appropriate COVID-19 safeguards. Theater Director Mark Ramquist will soon begin auditions for the fall play. He will be using both in-person and virtual rehearsals, again with safety a priority.

I want to remind parents and students that the option to participate in class remotely will still be in place upon our return to in-person learning. However, the Clyde Hill Campus will return to its regular schedule with a few modifications, which will increase the amount of time remote learning students will need to remain online.

 Finally, a word to our families at our Mack and Three Points Campuses. Please remember to make daily use of the MagnusMobile App a habit. Daily screening of anyone coming onto our campus is an integral part of our safety protocols. We need your cooperation with this to keep students, staff and faculty at our campuses healthy and safe.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring everyone back to campus. Please pray for continued good health for our families, faculty, and staff. Please pray for empathy in our community, so we continue to use measures that limit the spread of COVID-19. And may God continue to bless Bellevue Christian School in these challenging times.

 In His Service,

Kevin Dunning, Head of School

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Abundant and Fruitful, School Year Theme
Kevin Dunning, Head of School

Dear Bellevue Christian Community,

So, this is it. After a summer of waiting and wondering what school would be like when it re-opened, we are about to find out. This is my 40th opening day as an educational professional, and I cannot recall one filled with as much uncertainty.

We have provided all the protections we can muster, created options for parents who wish for their children to have the BCS experience remotely, and worked with staff who have unique needs while navigating a pandemic. Protocols have been written and revised as new information becomes available.



Amidst this uncertainty, we are reminded of these words from Jesus: “Fear not.” Some version of those words make up one of the most common commands Jesus gives to us. In the version in my head, I hear Jesus saying, “Don’t worry, I got this.” The faithfulness God has demonstrated over 70 years should offer a quiet comfort to us all.

Our theme for the year, Abundant and Fruitful, comes from John 15, a chapter I would encourage you to read as a family tonight. If there was ever a time to stay connected to the vine, this is it. May God be with us as we start another adventure.

Revised 2020-2021 Calendar Released
Amy Bruce

Bellevue Christian has revised its 2020-2021 school calendar to reflect some changes - including the First Day of School for K-12 and additional Early Release days. Visit the calendar page, and a printable PDF is also available.

Dates and details are subject to change. We will have a lot more information coming in the next few weeks, including details on BCS Transportation and Head of School's announcement on 8/17 about whether in-person learning will begin Sept. 3.

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