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Beautiful work by high school students in BCS Art 2 students! These are their micrography projects - portraits made entirely from words. Students learned how to use words to create value (light + dark) as well as how to use the words to add meaning to their art.

Micrography projects


Ms. Drake's Art 2 student's at work


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This laugh-out-loud parody of Hamlet has characters and basic plot-line of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, but a cash strapped high school theatre troupe mashes it all up with zany plot twists, updated language, and corporate sponsorships. Somehow it all gets spun into crazy comedy. Enjoy watching this readers theatre presentation by BCS Theatre! 

Presented by BCS Theatre

Suitable for viewers 7th grade and up

You have 48 hours to watch online! October 29th and 30th

View the show


Big kudos to Mr. Ramquist and our team that helped make this online production happen!

Thank you for your support of our BCS Theatre program.

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Theatre Overview for 20-21
Mark Ramquist, Theatre Director

Theatre is all about creativity and collaboration. When restrictions happen, we become even more creative and collaborative. This gives us different challenges, but different opportunities, too!


We face limited in-person rehearsals, and limited audiences (maybe none!), limited costumes and props, and likely no sets and lighting. Plus we’ll need to stream our shows online and that has big challenges too.

So instead, we’ll emphasize other great elements of theatre:


Storytelling & Character Building – emphasizing this helps us become better actors and theatre people.

Repertory style acting – the more opportunities you get to participate, the more you improve your skills

Readers Theatre approach – this will open up roles and strengthen your vocal and facial acting skills.


Taking advantage of COVID-craziness, we’ll create more theatre and acting opportunities.

  • 1st Qtr (Sept – Oct): The Hamlet Thrill-ma-geddon! An 85 min hilarious comedy where a HS drama troupe tries to produce Hamlet but messes it all up due to a desire to update the stodgy language and include corporate sponsorships to help with the budget. It has 10 to 40+ actors, minimal costumes, props, and backgrounds. Presented around Halloween – way cool.

  • 2nd Qtr (Oct – Dec): Christmas Carol High School – A 90 minute adaptation of Dicken’s classic story of A Christmas Carol is given a modern twist and set at West End High School, where the campus "Scrooge" is Meredith Priestly, the most beautiful, popular, meanest, nastiest girl in school! Approx 20 in the cast, contemporary costumes, settings. Presented at Christmastime – also very cool.

  • 2nd Qtr Bonus (Jan): Video Production Acting – in collaboration with Mrs. Graves’ English class doing scriptwriting, and the HS Video class doing Summative short film projects, theatre actors can participate in various on-screen roles for the videos. Should be a great experience for everyone.

  • 3rd Qtr (Feb-Mar): Alice in Wonderland (as the Student Directed Play) –Alice tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole into a strange land where everyone is crazy. The Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, and Humpty Dumpty, help Alice find her way home and discover who she really is. A darker, more faithful version of Lewis Carroll's classic tale that reimagines the experience of Wonderland and ends with an unexpected new twist. A 40-minute drama/comedy with roles for a whole range of actors. More info here.

  • 4th Qtr (April – May): TBD musical or play (depending on COVID guidelines) – as we proceed through the year, we’ll determine what kind of theatre is possible in the Spring and announce plans ASAP.


Info will be distributed with details, and Auditions will be held on Teams (even professional shows do casting online now). No memorizing, but we’ll be looking for actors with potential to build strong characters. Rehearsals will be after school and primarily on Teams. We may be able to meet together on campus later in the fall but will follow careful guidelines and precautions.


With this Repertory and Readers Theatre approach, we’ll be able to expand the theatre casting for more students to get involved, especially those who usually are involved in athletics in the fall. So invite your friends to join you in the auditions and enjoy doing theatre together this year.


Connect with Mr. Ramquist to talk about your level of interest, or to get more information about the shows, schedules, etc. Contact Mr. Ramquist for more details.

Looking forward to a great, creative, unforgettable year of BCS Theatre together with YOU!

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Special performance by BCS Choral Program
BCS Communications

Dear BCS Families,

Traditions are an important part of community life. Paul often reminded early Christians of the importance of traditions and commended those who kept traditions that brought them closer to Christ.

In a year that has seen us temporarily lose some of our most treasured traditions, we are thrilled to present the gift of students in our Choral Program singing – alone, but together – “There is a Redeemer.” This song has been a cornerstone of the Bellevue Christian High School Choral program since the 1980’s, under the direction of  Former Choral Director and Alumnus Joel Ulrich. It is often sung at the end of concerts and always at High School Commencement, which will occur this year on August 1st.  At every performance, Bellevue Christian choir alumni are invited on stage to join.

Regarding the history of “There is a Redeemer” at Bellevue Christian, Mr. Ulrich commented, “The text brought us back to Al and Joe Greene’s vision for Biblical worldview at Bellevue Christian which began with Genesis 1 (“In the beginning, God…”) and Psalm 24 (“The earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness…”).  The Fall messed up everything, but when people turned to the Lord – and eventually to Jesus – life was given the potential for restoration: Creation, Fall and Redemption.  In Jesus, there is truly a Redeemer in all of life – not just personally but in all of life as we put Him and His Word first in all we think and do.”

Many thanks to our current Concert Choir and our Director William Tollefson. It’s easy to see why there are 55 high school students who want to be in our High School Choral Program next year!

We hope you enjoy this video as a celebration of our gifts and an affirmation of God’s faithfulness to Bellevue Christian School. We express a humble prayer of gratitude for that faithfulness both now and as we look forward to being back together again next year!

In His Service,

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Kevin M. Dunning

Head of School

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