Second Sight

Second Sight by Lowell Hagan documents the philosophical framework developed by the founders of Bellevue Christian School in 1950 and explains their unique approach to Christian education that is still in practice today. All new teachers read the book and is also recommended for new families to better understand how and why we approach education the way we do. Second Sight reflects the thought and work of dozens of people over many years at Bellevue Christian.

About Lowell Hagan

Lowell Hagan came to Bellevue Christian School in August 1967, following a tour of duty in Vietnam. He flew out of Saigon on a Sunday that August and two weeks later, was teaching his first U.S. History class at BCS. He taught thousands of students in Bible, English, History, Music and Theatre during his more than 39-year tenure at Bellevue Christian. Mr. Hagan retired in 2006 but is regularly seen at the Clyde Hill Campus as a substitute teacher.