Clyde Hill

Our Clyde Hill Campus, minutes from Downtown Bellevue, is home to our 7-12th grade and Central Office.

Our Clyde Hill campus, nestled among heavy forest at the time, opened in 1951 during Bellevue Christian’s second year. Just as the neighborhood has grown and changed, so has the Clyde Hill campus. With tongue firmly in cheek, a retrospective on the early days of Bellevue Christian notes, “Since God was training teachers in patience and perseverance, He gave them oil stoves and each had its own temperament and failings. It was a great day when the chimneys came down and with them, the fire insurance.”

After starting in one building, several classroom and community spaces were added through the years. In 1980, our elementary operations shifted a few miles off-site to Medina (later adding a Woodinville campus in the mid-1990’s) and Clyde Hill became a dedicated Junior High and High School operation. With a full range of facilities supporting classroom learning, science and technology, Athletics, the Arts, the campus is a vibrant, welcoming community for students, teachers, and guests.

Junior High - 7th & 8th 

High School - 9th-12th 

Central Office

1701 98th Ave NE
Clyde Hill, WA  98004

Phone: (425) 454-4028
Fax: (425) 454-4418

Admissions: (425) 460-3300