Welcome to the 2018-19 school year and this window into life at Bellevue Christian. Look into Bellevue Christian and you will see a school firmly committed to providing its students with a world-class education through the prism of a Christian worldview. You will see students rising to meet the challenges presented by a rapidly changing world, teachers cultivating students’ curiosity, and parents supporting the work of teachers and students by volunteering in so many areas.

Bellevue Christian continually seeks clear and compelling ways to tell this story. That effort is evident in our new logo with the notable addition of “With Purpose.” Our missional aspiration–our purpose–is that our graduates will “transform the world from the foundation of God’s unchanging values.” That is no small ambition, and yet the evidence of our success is plentiful in the stories of alumni who are making a world of difference as authors, scientists, teachers, and strong members of their communities both near and far.

“With Purpose” is clear in the intentional decisions we make for and with our students. In a world where half of the jobs our students will have are not yet invented, the choices we make now are critical to their future. Here is a sobering thought:  our youngest students will live at least some of their lives in the 22nd century (God willing). While we are most assuredly about honoring the sovereignty of God, we are charged as a Christian educational organization to make sound decisions for the future.

This new message also means assuring that our learning spaces encourage 21st-century learning. For nearly two years, a committee put together by the Board of Directors has been working towards a major renovation of our Clyde Hill junior high and high school campus. A separate committee led by Mike and Gina Oldham and Andrew and Amy Harrison has undertaken the task of raising the significant dollars needed to move the project from planning to construction. This is our generation’s opportunity to stand with those who sacrificed to make Bellevue Christian possible nearly seventy years ago. You will hear more about the Forward in Faith campaign as the year progresses.

This year is a defining moment in the history of Bellevue Christian School. And for every one of our students, this could be the year they find their passion, overcome an important challenge, lead in ways they never expected, or lift their team to a championship. If you desire the kind of education for your student that honors God, cultivates curiosity, and seeks to engage students with their community, Bellevue Christian is the place to be.

May God bless the efforts of our community as together we build the Kingdom of God in this place.

In His Service,

Kevin M. Dunning
Head of School