Superintendent Blog

Last spring we told our community that we planned to conduct a review of our personnel policies and processes. We want to ensure we are following best practices regarding our hiring and record-keeping procedures. That review is now complete and we have begun the process of implementing changes to enhance our policies and practices.

Some of our past practices developed as a result of having three campuses. Broadly speaking, many of the recommendations will move us to a more centralized system of record-keeping, moving records from individual campuses to our human resource office. Changes are also being made to individual personnel records. For instance, payroll and personnel files will now be combined in one centrally located file. We are also working on specific procedures for establishing clear guidance on documentation, including handling student and parent complaints, ensuring appropriate investigation into concerns, and documenting both the complaint and the resolution.

While procedures are important, consistently following them is critical. Thus, improved training for all our employees will be necessary. That process began in August as all our employees heard from an attorney who reviewed the legal requirements placed on school personnel as mandatory reporters. She presented best practices for documentation and filing, use of social media, and safe student interactions. The presentation was filmed and made available to coaches, bus drivers and others not present on that day. If you would like to review that video, please contact the District Office. Other training around personnel matters will unfold over the next several months.

Our obligation to provide our students and our employees with a safe place to learn and work is our highest priority. If we fail in this regard, we will not achieve our goals or maintain the relational community in which so many have thrived for nearly seven decades. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to implement and update changes that move us toward that goal.