We are immensely proud of our faculty and staff here at Bellevue Christian School. Feel free to browse our Administrators, Teachers, Counselors and other staff.  You can browse by school, by department or by name.

  • Adams, Paul

    Email: padams@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Ahnert, Jessica

    Email: jahnert@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Whitworth University; MAT, University of North Colorado

  • Aitken, Erin

    Email: erin.aitken@bellevuechristian.org

  • Albright, Amanda

    Email: aalbright@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, MIT, Whitworth University

  • Allen, Lauren

    Email: lauren.allen@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Northwest University

  • Antosz, Andy

    Email: aantosz@bellevuechristian.org

  • Baker, Aaron

    Email: abaker@bellevuechristian.org

  • Bengelink, Kendra

    Email: kbengelink@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Calvin College

  • Bennett, Sonja

    Email: sbennett@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Seattle Pacific University

  • Berry, Christi

    Email: christi.berry@bellevuechristian.org

  • Berry, William

    Email: blaneberry@comcast.net

  • Blair, Cindy

    Email: cblair@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Boone, Kathy

    Email: kboone@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Cal State-Northridge; BA, Seattle Pacific University; MM, University of Washington

  • Boroughs, Suzanne

    Email: sboroughs@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, University of Washington

  • Borrego, Monique

    Email: monique.quintero@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, MS, San Diego Christian College

  • Bowers, Kristi

    Email: kbowers@bellevuechristian.org

  • Brasseur, Marjolynn

    Email: mbrasseur@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Dordt College

  • Brasted, Shelli

    Email: sbrasted@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of Alaska-Anchorage

  • Britton, Vicki

    Email: vicki.britton@bellevuechristian.org

  • Bruce, Amy

    Email: amy.bruce@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Washington State University

  • Byargeon, Karen

    Email: kbyargeon@bellevuechristian.org

  • Cairns, Jim

    Email: jcairns@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Unversity of Washington; MIT, Seattle Pacific University

  • Carlson, Laura

    Email: lcarlson@bellevuechristian.org

  • Carney, Riley

    Email: Riley.Carney@bellevuechristian.org

  • Cobbley, Jenny

    Email: jcobbley@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, North Park College: MIT Northwest University

  • Cornwall, Patricia

    Email: trish.cornwall@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Western Washington University; MA, University of Phoenix

  • Cotton, Andrea

    Email: andrea.cotton@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, MIT Northwest University

  • Cotton, Caitlin

    Email: caitlin.cotton@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Northwest University

  • Crist, Vicki

    Email: vicki.crist@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Grace Bible College; MA, University of Bridgeport

  • Cullen, Mary

    Email: mcullen@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; MA, University of Phoenix

  • Davis, Kati

    Email: kdavis@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Pacific Lutheran University; MEd, City University

  • DeJong, Joshua

    Email: joshua.dejong@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Western Washington University

  • DeJonge, Mark

    Email: mdejonge@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Calvin College; M Ed, Northern Arizona University

  • Dekker, Jessica

    Email: jessica.dekker@bellevuechristian.org

  • DeYoung, Blake

    Email: bdeyoung@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University; MA, Seattle Pacific University; Executive School of Leadership, Seattle Pacific University

  • Diebner, Brianne

    Email: bdiebner@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, George Fox University

  • Dirks, Julie

    Email: julie.dirks@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, University of British Columbia; MS, University of British Columbia

  • Drake, Bethany

    Email: bethany.drake@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, MIT, Western Washington University

  • Dunn, Shari

    Email: sdunn@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of Washington

  • Dunning, Kevin

    Email: kevin.dunning@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Concordia University – Chicago; MA, St. John’s University – New York

  • Durst, Carol

    Email: cdurst@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Washington State University

  • Eble, Taylor

    Email: taylor.eble@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Evenson, Jeffrey

    Email: jevenson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: MBA, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Fawcett, Kristel

    Email: kfawcett@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, MA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Fiechtner, Mandy

    Email: mandy.fiechtner@bellevuechristian.org

  • Fish, Kelly

    Email: kfish@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Foisset, Allison

    Email: allison.foisset@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, Iowa State University

  • Fournier, Brenda

    Email: bfournier@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Northern Michigan University

  • Fox, Amy

    Email: amyfox@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Westmont College; EdM, Boston University

  • Fritch, Victoria

    Email: victoria.fritch@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Christian Education, Azusa Pacific University

  • Garrison, Joseph

    Email: joe.garrison@bellevuechristian.org

    BSME, Purdue University; PhD, Georgia State University

  • Geeslin, Allison

    Email: allison.geeslin@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, MIT, Whitworth University

  • Gibbs, Elaine

    Email: egibbs@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Calvin College

  • Gmur, Meg

    Email: mstengel@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Graves, Dena

    Email: dgraves@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, University of Puget Sound; MA, Willamette University

  • Grove. Michael

    Email: michael.grove@bellevuechristian.org

  • Harris, Jayna

    Email: jharris@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Hatate, Kristen

    Email: khatate@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Western Washington University

  • Hoffman, Conrad


  • Hoffman, Paulette

    Email: phoffman@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, University of Washington

  • Ibarra, Lisa

    Email: lisa.ibarra@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Universidad del Turabo, PR

  • Johnson, Andrew

    Email: ajohnson2@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University; MS, WGU

  • Johnson, Lauren

    Email: ljohnson@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Northwest University

  • Johnson, Pam

    Email: pjohnson@bellevuechristian.org

  • Kaskes, Leanne

    Email: lkaskes@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: STARS Certified

  • Kats, Ann

    Email: ann.kats@bellevuechristian.org

  • Keen, Josiah

    Email: jkeen@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Calvin College; MS-Curriculum & Instruction, WGU

  • Kelly, Sandy

    Email: skelly@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: STARS Certified

  • Kemp, Dana

    Email: dana.kemp@bellevuechristian.org

    BA in English, Whitworth University; MIT, Northwest University

  • Kimmel, Becky

    Email: becky.kimmel@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Westmont College; M.Ed., City University

  • Kite, Pamela

    Email: pkite@bellevuechristian.org

  • Koon, RouxAnn

    Email: rkoon@bellevuechristian.org

  • Krell, Timothy

    Email: tkrell@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University; MAT, University of Washington

  • Langley, Brianna

    Email: brianna.langley@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Johnson University

  • Larson, Kelly

    Email: klarson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Multnomah University

  • LeClair, Kristin

    Email: kleclair@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA/BSW, Calvin College; Teaching Certification, SPU

  • Lehner, Giselle

    Email: giselle.lehner@bellevuechristian.org

    BFA, University of IL, Chicago

  • Lerwick, Claudia

    Email: claudia.lerwick@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, San Francisco State University, MAT, Seattle Pacific University

  • Lilleskare, Joelle

    Email: joelle.lilleskare@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Western Washington University

  • Lindor, Shannan

    Email: shannan.lindor@bellevuechristian.org

  • Linz, Tim

    Email: tim.linz@bellevuechristian.org

  • Lopez, Danielle

    Email: dlopez@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA and MA, University of Colorado

  • Lowe, Brenda

    Email: brenda.lowe@bellevuechristian.org

    STARS Certified

  • Marsh, Bill

    Email: bill.marsh@bellevuechristian.org

  • Masterson, Peggy

    Email: pmasterson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, MAT, University of Puget Sound

  • Mercier, Danielle

    Email: danielle.mercier@bellevuechristian.org

  • Meredith, Katie

    Email: katie.meredith@bellevuechristian.org

  • Metteer, Rebekah

    Email: rebekah.metteer@bellevuechristian.org

  • Miller, Amy

    Email: amiller2@bellevuechristian.org

  • Morse, Jeff

    Email: jmorse@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Corban University

  • Nelson, Trevor

    Email: tnelson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA and MIT, Whitworth University

  • Olson, Jackie

    Email: jolson2@bellevuechristian.org

  • Olson, Jenny

    Email: jolson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University; M Ed, City University

  • Olson, Mike

    Email: molson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University; M.Ed, City University

  • Olson, Sarah

    Email: sarah.olson@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Park, Susan

    Email: susan.park@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Pelone, Maria

    Email: mpelone@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Chestnut Hill College; M.Ed, Arcadia University

  • Peterson, Marisa

    Email: mpeterson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Whitworth College; MA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Phillips, Juliann

    Email: jphillips@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of California-Los Angeles; MA, Pacific Oaks Northwest

  • Postma, Kimberley

    Email: kpostma@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Wheaton College; M Ed, Seattle Pacific University

  • Pridmore, Tom

    Email: tom.pridmore@bellevuechristian.org

  • Ramquist, Mark

    Email: mramquist@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BRE, Prairie Bible College; MA, University of Southern California; MA, in Theatre Production from Southern Oregon University

  • Ramsey, Justin

    Email: justin.ramsey@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Ribera, Dr. Dan

    Email: dribera@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, City College of New York; MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary; Ed.D, Seattle Pacific University

  • Ribera, Laura

    Email: lribera@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Temple University

  • Rice, Valarie

    Email: vrice@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of California-San Diego; MIT, Northwest University


  • Riss, Shelly

    Email: sriss@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University; M Ed, University of Washington – Bothell

  • Rogers, Daniel

    Email: daniel.rogers@bellevuechristian.org

    BSED, University of Georgia; MA of Divinity, Reformed Theological Seminary

  • Rowe, Sara

    Email: srowe@bellevuechristian.org

  • Rusyniak, Jessica

    Email: jesse.rusyniak@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Rutherford-Ribera, Candiece

    Email: crutherford@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Media & Communications, University of Washington

  • Saburi, Cheri

    Email: cheri.saburi@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, University of Washington, MA, Antioch University

  • Salazar, Michelle

    Email: michelle.salazar@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Satterlee, Christine

    Email: christine.satterlee@bellevuechristian.org

    BS Administrative Office Management, Central Washington University

  • Schmer, Dawn

    Email: dschmer@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Purdue University

  • Schrader, Samuel

    Email: sam.schrader@bellevuechristian.org

    BA in History/Creative Writing, Coe College

  • Schroeder, Dana

    Email: dschroeder@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: STARS Certified

  • Schwarz, Nancy

    Email: nschwarz@bellevuechristian.org

  • Seifi, Nayereh

    Email: nayereh.seifi@bellevuechristian.org

    Liberal Arts, San Jose State University

  • Skaff, Joanna

    Email: jskaff@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, MAT, College of Notre Dame

  • Smith, Jennifer

    Email: jsmith3@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Washington State University; MA, Western Washington University

  • Sorensen, Jillian

    Email: jillian.sorensen@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, University of Washington; MA, University of Washington

  • Stauffer, Marlene

    Email: marlene.stauffer@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, MSU Billings; MA, MSU Northern

  • Steel, Ben

    Email: bsteel@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, North Park University; MDiv, North Park University

  • Steffen, Ann

    Email: asteffen@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Pacific Lutheran University

  • Stingley, Mark

    Email: mstingley@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, California State University – Fullerton; MA,

  • Studley, Molly

    Email: molly.studley@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, Seattle University; MA, Jones International University

  • Sweeney, Marian

    Email: msweeney@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, Bellevue College

  • Symonds, Kyle

    Email: ksymonds@bellevuechristian.org

  • Teramoto, Tristen

    Email: tristen.teramoto@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, University of Washington; MS University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Thomas, Kevin

    Email: kevin.thomas@bellevuechristian.org

  • Thoreson, Michelle

    Email: mthoreson@bellevuechristian.org

  • Ulstein, Stefan

    Email: sulstein@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of Washington

  • Underhill, Julie

    Email: junderhill@bellevuechristian.org

  • Unger, Carmen

    Email: cunger@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, College of Pedagogy Monterrico – Peru

  • Valantine, Kristina

    Email: kvalantine@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, University of Washington; MA, Seattle Pacific University

  • Walker, Ruthanna

    Email: rwalker@bellevuechristian.org

    BBA, Howard U; MBA University of Dayton; JD Ohio State

  • Walters, Jerome

    Email: jwalters@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, Western Washington University: MDiv, Luther University

  • Wasson, Amy

    Email: awasson@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Wheaton College

  • Weimer, Colleen

    Email: colleen.weimer@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, Northwest University; MA, Northwest University

  • Wells, Michelle

    Email: mwells@bellevuechristian.org

    BA, North Park University

  • Westburg, Kay

    Email: kwestburg@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, Prairie Bible Institute, AA, Griffin Business College

  • Wilken, Dave

    Email: dwilken2@bellevuechristian.org

  • Wilken, Denise

    Email: dwilken@bellevuechristian.org

  • Winskill, Mica

    Email: mwinskill@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BA, St. Olaf College; M.Ed, Seattle Pacific University

  • Wishart, Rod

    Email: rwishart@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, Pacific Lutheran University; MIT, Northwest University

  • Wybenga-Walters, Sharla

    Email: sharla.walters@bellevuechristian.org

    Education: BS, University of Tennessee

  • Zhang, Joann

    Email: joann.zhang@bellevuechristian.org

  • Zschoche, Martin

    Email: martin.zschoche@bellevuechristian.org

    BS, UC Irvine