A changing attitude can result in some amazing opportunities

Adam Lubanski 1988


Filmmaker Adam Lubanski says failing Larry Anderson’s Biology class was one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.  Lubanski, who is also a motion graphics artist, has worked on films such as “Spiderman,” “Transformers” and the tv show “Parks and Rec.”

He is grateful for the unexpected lesson that came from Anderson.  His teacher looked him in the eye and told him “you’re failing biology – but you’re a smart kid. You’re failing because you didn’t do the work.” Lubanski says that simple statement hit home – he did the work and succeeded in the class.  

To this day, Lubanski credits his ability to get projects done on time and to completion is one of the reasons some of the best in Hollywood are calling him to work for them.

Adam now works mostly out of his home in Ellensburg, with his wife Jennifer, whom he married in 2000 after they met at a Redmond church.  He says his education at BCS taught him how to think critically. Specifically, the way Stefan Ulstein urged he and his classmates to carefully critique film and evaluate each sequence.  The critical thinking skills help him in film work today as well as in conversations with high level executives and colleagues.

After graduation, Adam dove into 3D graphics, print and video, spending long hours teaching himself programs and listening to two of his biggest mentors, Jerry Dahlberg and Dave Landis.  Both had a dramatic impact on his career, guiding him and encouraging him with each project. The first film he had the opportunity to work on was “Swordfish,” his first film to produce and direct was “Rogue Saints,” a 2012 film about the greatest church diamond heist, romance, comedy, drama, adventure you’ve ever seen.

The Lubanski’s have welcomed three children into their home, two through adoption, 19-year-old daughter Cache, 16-year-old daughter Madison and a 9-year-old son, Michael.