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Junior High

Clyde Hill Campus


Welcome to the BCS Junior High!

At Bellevue Christian School, we don’t tolerate junior high students, we celebrate them!  Each student is uniquely created by God with all types of abilities and talents. Our role as teachers and administrators is to point all these gifts in a direction that honors God and blesses others. It is truly a high calling, and one we take seriously and joyfully. All too often, school gets reduced to merely a test score or report card. In reality, there is much more going on—much of which doesn’t show up in a score or grade. The whole student is important to us, and we make a concerted effort to educate and develop how God has made them spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially and physically.

Bellevue Christian Junior High School
1601 98th Ave NE Clyde Hill, WA 98004-3400
(425) 454-4028 | Fax: (425) 454-4418
Directions to our Clyde Hill Campus

Principal's Message

Far too often, the world of junior high education gets boxed-into a philosophy of surviving school with sufficient-enough grades and keeping the amount of trips to the principal’s office to a minimum. The problem with this is that there is so much more to school than grades, and it should never be something that one has to endure! Our response is to challenge the status quo and shift our perspective from just getting through junior high to making the most of this very exciting and unique season of life.

Every JH student at BCS takes courses in English, Bible, Math, Science, and History. Additionally, we offer a wide-range of exploratory courses aimed at helping students discover new subjects, knowledge, and experiences. In JH we want students more...

Quick School Info:

Start time: 8:20 am
End time: 2:55 pm 

Office Phone: (425) 454-4028

Jr High Blog

12.11.14 : 10:15am

The attached December Newsletter has information for you on upcoming events for the Junior and Senior High.

May you and your family be blessed and at peace during this busy time!


12.01.14 : 11:46am
BCS High School First Semester Final Exam Schedule January 26 – 30, 2015


Monday                 January 26      

          Periods 1 – 7 more...

Student Life

10.16.14 : 08:21am

The Props List is a list of students who went above and beyond the call of duty in areas of service and community building. They more...

10.15.14 : 10:13am

If you're around my age (43), you may long for a simpler time regarding technology and entertainment. Single-function devices, more...